Function of a memorandum

To correctly understand the function of the memorandums, we must study in an analytical way the etymology of the word:

A great invention of antiquity

From the Latin ‘memorandum’, which means “something to remember” or “something to be done”. In this regard, it fulfills the function of informing in a simple way, some urgent matter, warnings, instructions or imperatives of individual or collective character, within a company, house of studies, company, etc.

Typically, a letterhead tops the top of the memorandum, which is written on a letter-sized sheet or trade and usually does not cover more than one page. Also, it is characterized by having as its central title the word ‘memorandum’, preceded by the date on which it is written.

The subject of the matter, as relevant reminders, commitments, tasks or even faults, should be exposed in a simple and eloquent way. The structure must also include, with a due formal farewell, the corresponding signature and the address of the issuer.

It is used specifically to give a due seriousness to an issue that merits it. In most cases, especially business, is not directed to a single person, but to the entire payroll, which gives it a certain authority that must be met and obeyed.

But there are also the memoranda of congratulations, which as the name implies, has as a function to highlight the qualities or attitudes of someone or a specific work group in the company, or institution, etc. The signature is not so mandatory, because just take the content well reflected, it is enough, as in the case of diplomatic memoranda.

These informative methods are more cultured and aristocratic, especially in the workplace and business. In short, a memorandum aims to recapitulate facts or reasons that should be taken into account. Do not forget, that within its many uses, are the citations or invitations that are properly argued and that is the work of the memorandum.

Function of a memorandum
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June 30, 2019

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