George W. Bush’s lies

George Walker Bush (July 6, 1946) was the forty-third President of the United States of America, from January 20, 2001, to January 20, 2009.

In the positions he held before becoming “the most important man on the planet,” as some system blinders call American leaders, he showed his sympathy for re-election, twice as governor of the state of Texas and twice governor of the state of Texas and twice governor of the state of Texas and twice governor of the state of Texas and twice national leader. Something like a “Colombian friend”, of country origin.

In this political area, a series of questions arises, the result of comparing the actual facts, with the idea that is intended to be embedded in the thought of the masses and, as a consequence, the execution of certain appropriate decisions, manipulative, imposing and proud, which constitute the context of recent years, not only of the United States, but of the whole world.

This incongruity surfaced in 2000, when most U.S. cities supported Al Gore’s bid for the presidency, such as Florida, New York, New Jersey, Oklahoma and as in many other places, noting that thanks to certain tricks and movements strategic, evidenced in the influence of the media, in this case, ‘Fox News’, a channel that, allegedly, by mistake, misinformed the electoral polls and led a big media lie, led Toll George Bush.

What most people don’t know is that whoever ran that news network is no more or less than the cousin of the protagonist of this “story”, John Dennis. Does it match the voice of the people? “Any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence.”

The amazing thing about all this is that, apparently, Al Gore played for the same fraudulent team. I mean, he was an accomplice to the hoaive. On the day the joint session of the House and Senate were to confirm the outcome of the election, Gore, as outgoing vice president and senate president, conducted the official act that would proclaim George W. Bush, the new president.

The rules of procedure emphasized that if a congressman wanted to challenge the results, he should have the written backing of at least one senator. Most representatives, who are African-American, signed the disagreement, but no senator did. Gore, who chaired the meeting, was ordering the speaker of the House, one after the other, to go to his chair and shut up.

On the day of Bush’s inauguration, thousands of Americans took to the streets of Washington, in a last-ditch attempt to claim what had been taken from them. They threw eggs into the ombudsman’s limousine and managed to stop the ‘Investiture Parade’.

The traditional plan for the new president to walk to the White House was scrapped, for obvious reasons. No other president had had to go through such circumstances.

A year and nine months after its positioning, one of the most remembered catastrophes in history occurs today: ‘attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center’, on September 11, 2001, where more than 3000 people died. Of this terrorist attack, the then government directly accused the Saudi armed group, ‘Al Qaeda’.

Such an organization is led by Osama Ben Laden, “America’s most wanted criminal.” But this does not coincide with the real, for if so, 20 relatives of that individual would have been arrested when they tried to leave the country on the night of tragic events. But of course, how would they be stopped, if they were protected by the ClA?

If we scrutinize more suspicious factors, we find a diversity of meaningless facts and circumstances. It is paradoxical that several investigations reveal that the Ben Laden family, maintained business relationships with the Bush family, and more so, that the latter’s lawyer, is also that of the other; however, these aspects have been cleverly obscured.

For example, in the original record of Mr. Bush’s military career, which very fortunately and above all professionalism, managed to obtain Michael Moore, an investigative journalist, author of the documentary ‘Fahrenheit 911’, which shows some of the accusations stated in this letter, is t he name of James Bath, the famous lawyer, mentioned above. But interestingly, after the attacks on the Twin Towers, that name was erased from history.

Isn’t it a suspect that you’ve never wanted to schedule a meeting, since you took office, to discuss the threat of terrorism with your counter-terrorism man? Doesn’t the funding cut for the FBI counter-terrorism make anyone doubtful? Ignoring the report given to him by the FBI on August 6, 2001, which said Osama Ben Laden was planning to attack the United States, hijacking planes, exposed George’s intentions.

And if that were little to add to the account, this is just the beginning of several fatal, horrendous and deadly episodes for Uncle Sam’s country and, not being an extremist, it can be said that for the whole of humanity. Well, just look at the number of victims who have been killed, literally, by the government of a character who lacks scruples, whose job is to appear, under the idea of “either with us or against us”.

George W. Bush’s lies
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July 28, 2019

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