God doesn’t exist

“God did not create man. Man created God”

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, the great German philosopher, explained in Thus spoke Zaratustra, that God had died. However, such an aminomies are wrong. And it is for the simple reason that God has never existed, so how can he die? In this sense it is paradoxical to think that religions have always exposed that God created man, when the only reality is that it was man who created God, or better, who invented it.

Dios no existe

The human being, naive, fearful and hesitant, needed something that would give meaning to his life, something that was in control of all situations, something that explained the inequity of the world, and that is why the priests created God, convinced that it was the best he could happen to the human being. It was a lie (the greatest deception of all, sponsored by priests and religion) that at least served as comfort. However, the lies are sweet at first, but bitter at the end.

God does not exist because He cannot alter anything in the world. I’m not saying him doesn’t exist because we can’t see or touch him; that would be the exaggeration, for we cannot see or touch thoughts, dreams, love, hatred, etc.

Proof that it does not exist is based on the fact that it cannot alter anything in the world. All the hungry people of the world could on their knees begging, putting their hands together and spend their whole lives praying, praying and asking God to change their situation, BUT IT WOULD NOT HAPPEN ANYTHING. At most they would be hungrier, or they would die of starvation, but nothing else.

And so on with everything. Usually the poor suffer, but they comfort themselves in God and in a world to come much better. Usually the perverse, the prevaricator, the white-collar thief, fills his pockets and no extraordinary evil ensues.

All this inequity also proves the non-existence of God, unless it is a tyrant God, who creates rich, feather-footed, easy-living, who create aid organizations and win the admiration of all; and that it also creates others in misery, even to commit a crime (and those who command hell afterwards, for being “bad”).

That God is a madman, the worst father, the worst insane. However, social situations are caused by man and not by God.

When we talk about God, man’s freedom is suppressed. Either there is God or there is freedom. If God exists, then man has no freedom to tell him: just as he created me, disintegrate me and NEVER CREATE ME AGAIN. However, God will not hear such a request. If God exists, then man cannot become like God, because he would become his adversary. That is, man cannot expand his consciousness to the limit, to the ends of the universe and beyond.

That God did not ask permission about whether one wanted to be created, is an abusive, a tyrant. But that god doesn’t exist. What really exists is existence itself. And existence itself has intelligence. The cosmos itself has intelligence. Trees know at what time of year to bloom, the winds to which to blow, the world in which sense to turn, galaxies know in what sense to move, the universe itself knows when to turn on and off.

The only thing that has been eternal is space, law and existence. And that existence enters into activity or at rest according to uncreated laws.

Human beings do not need God, what happens is that if God is suppressed, he will feel empty and even could reach madness or suicide, feeling that his life is meaningless. However, if that human being came back upon himself, he sought in himself, he would discover that there is no God on the outside, and that everything is within him, that he is God himself, what is existence himself, and that it will never cease to exist. Not because God wants it that way, but because it is the inevitability of existence.

The existence of existence is inevitable and so must be accepted. But when the human being turns his observation and his research inward, that seed that he carries in his heart has a better chance of developing and flowering, of becoming the beauty of life and fragrance.

Then you may discover that you are one with existence and that you cannot attention against existence, which cannot cause any evil. But that is not based on threats from hell and heaven, of reward and punishment, but on the basis of our own development, based on our own self-knowledge and based on our own self-realization and expansion of consciousness.

And that existence is the only thing we could call God, but not in the sense that it has always been thought of, as a bearded tyrant sitting on a throne, surrounded by clouds, sending lightning and centellas upon the poor human anthill.

More than there is a single God, what will always exist are the Gods, and so was the widespread meaning in antiquity until the Catholic religion imposed belief in one God, on the basis of murders and bonfires.

God doesn’t exist
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June 18, 2019

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