Health properties of avocado

Also known as avocado, avocado gradually becomes one of the most consumed fruits in America.

Originally from this continent and belonging to the Family of Lauráceas, it is born from a tree that bears the same name and can reach fifteen meters in height, providing the human – both in its root, stem, leaves and fruits – highly healing properties and beneficial to human health.

This time we will present some of the medicinal uses that can be given to this food rich in vitamins, minerals and fats, as well as to the different components of the tree from which it is born.

Medicinal uses of avocado leaves

One of the uses given to the leaves of the avocado tree or avocado is to serve as an adjuvant in the treatment of inflammation and bleeding gums, as well as it can help decrease the mobility of some dental parts.

According to what natural medicine specialists advise it is necessary to chew and rub the gums with these leaves, achieving a rapid decrease in symptoms.

Likewise, it is recommended to use the leaves of the avocado tree to stimulate and regularize the menstrual period in the woman. For this they should be ingested the cooking of these, which is also highly effective in combating episodes of vomiting. Likewise, the poultice of avocado leaves can be used to help with the treatment of bruises and purples, product of strong blows.

Another recommended use for avocado tree leaves is to help treat diabetes. According to the claims of some natural medicine specialists, the consumption of the infusion of this leaf, several times a day, helps to reduce blood sugar levels, causing the diabetic patient to present a noticeable improvement in his condition.

Medicinal Uses of Avocado Seed

Thus also the seed or pepa of the avocado, which is found within the fruit, is an element of this food, possessing great healing properties. For example, some naturopathic doctors recommend the infusion consumption of this seed for the treatment of diarrhea and dysentery.

For this they advise adding half a pep of avocado in a cup of boiled and hot water, cover for a few minutes and then consume hot. The infusion of this seed is also advised to strengthen the heart muscle and combat tachycardia, for this goal it is recommended to make the tea, using only a quarter of the pepa, and take it daily.

Among the other medicinal properties attributed to the seed of the avocado tree is to improve the condition of epileptic patients. For this some fans of naturist medicine recommend adding a pinch of ground avocado seed to a cup of grapefruit water. It is also believed that applying the ground pep on a boil will help it mature quickly, stimulating its disappearance.

Similarly, some studies claim that the use of the seed of this tree is an adjuvant in the pictures of thyroid disorders, as well as the overweight associated with them.

Medicinal uses of the fruit of the Avocado

In the same way as leaves and seed, the pulp of the fruit of the Avocado has great food and medicinal properties. As for the latter area, some plant experts claim that juice extracted from the pulp of the avocado helps the elimination of eye cataracts.

Another of the medicinal uses that is usually given to the pulp of this fruit is as an adjuvant in the treatment of high cholesterol, because although it seems paradoxical, this food so rich in triglycerides, produces in the body a reduction of cholesterol indexes in the body, perhaps due to the balance that exists in the composition of its fatty acids. In this sense, its usual consumption also prevents the increase of cholesterol in the body.

Its use is also recommended for the treatment of hypertension as well as other heart conditions, since in addition to helping with the reduction of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, its low sodium content and high concentration of Potassium makes it a safe food for those with some form of heart-related conditions.

In case of anemia, the consumption of avocado is highly recommended, since the iron it contains is easy assimilation, so it is advisable to include it in the diet of young people in growth, as well as in the menu of pregnant women. However, it is always advisable to consult with the doctor, being aware that at no time the use of this food can replace the treatment indicated by a medical professional.

You can even give this fruit aesthetic uses, because the pulp of the avocado is an excellent conditioner for the hair, just rub it with a puree made based on this fruit, let it act for fifteen minutes and then rinse with abundant warm water , to have shiny and strong hair, since this cosmetic treatment is also indicated to combat hair loss.

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Health properties of avocado
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August 31, 2019

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