Heavy metal curiosities

Music definitely moves the lives of many people, and this time we’re going to talk about a genre that has a large number of fans that you listen to to “rage” the songs of this genre. This is heavy metal that, although it seems, is not only for teenagers, but is enjoyed by people of all ages.

Several generations who love heavy metal

Heavy metal is one of the most popular music genres among young people. However, as some generations have passed since its inception, today we find that it is also heard by many veterans in the world. One of the most outstanding curiosities is that one of its most representative performers, Ronnie James, in the 80s, popularized a certain signal with his hand, which already existed in ancient times, but became massive.

The curious thing is that this hand signal, like a kind of horns, which have in fact called the horned hand, apart from the metal fans, is paradoxically used by great religious hierarchs, politicians of great world renown and pop celebrities and even reggaeton.

For their part, there are those who claim that this signal is used by those who practice the dark arts and who belong to secret societies such as the Freemasons lluminati and can also be seen in the different lyrics of havy metal, the cult towards the dark.

But equally, this symbol can be seen in the hands, classified as mudras, in coastal cultures as in Italy, means an act of infidelity towards someone, or as a supercheria in which it is believed that when making the symbol with the fingers, evil moves away eye. In the sports field, many football stars also use him as Cristiano Ronaldo, among others.

And what do you think about it? Will the horned hand have any particular meaning?

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Heavy metal curiosities
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July 20, 2019

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