Hitler died in America at the age of 81

This is not an assertion, but what some authors and research suggests such as those of Argentina’s Abel Basti, who has made a careful inquiry into this regard.

Adolf Hitler

Hitler died in America at the age of 81

There are many hypotheses that are handled around the death of Adolf Hitler, the German leader of the second world war who, according to official history, would have committed suicide when he saw the war lost to the Allies. However, we can summarize all these hypotheses in two:

Hitler did not die on 30 April 1945

Obviously, if he committed suicide, as the official version holds, the choice will be the first. But what if he didn’t die in 1945? It is true that there are many theories that say that Hitler would have fled to places as disparate as Antarctica, the Moon, South America, etc. That is, they do not agree as to the place to which he would have fled, but which mathematically coincide in the point of capital: that Hitler did not die in 1945. This means he would have survived. So should we believe the only official version? Or will the myriad of alternate theories be weighed?

There are many rumours that his place of escape would have been Argentina, a place he would have arrived on a submarine with an entourage of his Nazi collaborators, after an agreement with the Americans (exile in exchange for knowledge and technology).

According to Basti (who further claims that the investigation is in a CIA document), the Fuhrer, would also have toured several Latin American countries, including Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Brazil and Colombia, and would have adopted the surname of Kirchner.

But Basti would not be the first to suggest it, in 2004. As early as 1977 in the book entitled The Answers Given by a Lama, Samael Aun Weor expressed the following:

Is it true that Hitler committed suicide?
A.- Hitler died of old age in any place, no matter which one…

Why did Hitler choose the Swastika Cross as a symbol of his doctrine?

A.- Because such a cross symbolizes the work in the Forge of cyclops, because that cross represents the cystic forces turning inversely within the Laboratorium Oratorium of our physical body.

The author is a well-known in esotericism and gnosis. That is, it is oblivious to any research or political party, but is supremely striking its claim.

Hitler in an advanced age. The photo would have been made to Basti by an anonymous investigator.

The truth is that his statement is perfectly consistent with that of Basti expressed in his book After Hitler’s Footsteps, in which he even gives us formidable details, as he assures that the Fuhrer would have died on February 5, 1971 (almost three months before he complied r 82 years old, and who would have been buried in an underground crypt of an old bunker, in Paraguay, and where a sumptuous hotel would now be erected.

  1. Lallemant, author of the book The Truths of the Bible, through his Facebook account, on the basis of the information provided by both authors, also stated:

Hitler belonged in principle to esoteric doctrine – and was very brilliant – but then sadly strayed.

Fleeing the war he had lost he will arrive in Argentina where he will create an esoteric order of the black lodge (no matter his name).

He died in South America around 1971, just over 80 years old.


Well, the name of the order is “Order of the Knights of Tyre”, whose thought is marked by desires for revanchism. They are just waiting for a point in space-time at which, according to their doctrine, the Fuhrer would return to, this time, undertake the ultimate destruction, including of atoms.

Some other sources claim that Adolf was indeed an amateur and heavily committed to the occult sciences. He was over-obsessed. In this start-to-face path many trials must face the adept and in one of them, Hitler failed to overcome the temptation to receive enormous physical and “spiritual” power (negatively) and gave himself fully to those who both pursued at first and pointed out as enemies number one of humanity and murderers of Jesus Christ: international Zionism.

Few people imagine that Fuhrer himself would appear on a fully forgotten sidewalk without any help. Some people dare to say he changed his last name to Kirchner’s. And not only did Hitler result in the South American country, but also several of his closest collaborators, forming an entire colony of Nazis in Argentina, from whom several of the public figures who currently hold the reins of the country and even the World.

We will close this article by making the indication made at the beginning. We’re not claiming, it’s more of a question, did Hitler die in America at the age of 81? Everyone will draw their own conclusions.


Hitler died in America at the age of 81
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June 21, 2019

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