How to achieve the perfect relationship

The following are some aspects to work to achieve the perfect and lasting relationship.

To deny oneself: to do so must be self-observed, taking into account thoughts, desires, attitudes, emotions and actions. For every detail, mentally ask for the one power capable of eliminating a defect, for the mind alone cannot, but the feminine power of God that we all carry within us.

Example: I see that I dislike some attitude of my partner (I say inside me: “Mother Mine Eliminates this Defect” and I refuse that displeasure). I want to criticize and judge her (“Mother Mine Removes This Defect” and I refrain from doing so). I am offended because she does not want to do what I do (“Mother Mine Kill me this Defect” and I refuse to feel like this), etc, etc, etc.

Work should be ed on anger:

Refusing to offend, hurt, hurt with words and humiliate. For one of what gives, receives and it is obvious that the other person will react badly if one speaks to him wrong. Fire produces more fire. Anger, more anger. Hate, more hate. In this case, the flaws that speak to one constantly as voices in the head, will make you believe “that you do not have to be an asshole, nor leave”, etc. Then, each little voice of those must be removed with the aforementioned elimination technique.

To learn to be humble, for a weapon far more powerful than a cry, a rudeness, a claim, is the true humility of the heart. No matter if the other person acts badly or says wrong things, one must learn to shut up in those moments, so that the other person reflects, for if one reacts, the problem increases and possibly, one that turns out to be the bad guy of the walk.

Don’t react for anything. To this end, it is extremely necessary to deny oneself, not to consider himself, to sacrifice the pain of the actions and words of the loved one, and to hold on to that unconditional and perfect being that we carry within: the Divine Mother, Isis, Athena, Mary, whatever she wants to call her.

Learning to forgive

If you feel that you are going to explode, pretend as if you have a mouth covering, or full of something, but refrain from uttering any words, be careful not to fall into offensive and hurtful indifference. If the thing is very strong, it is preferable that you go out and take a walk, think nothing about and come back calm. Such a walk is walking, not drinking, smoking, or anything like that because that worsens the conditions of your inner world and the unpleasant circumstances of your life, among other factors of consideration.

Avoid reacting violently at all costs, so you have been assaulted. Each one answers to the Supreme Court of Divine Justice and if you respond in the same way, loses the benefits of God’s Law.

Learn to respect Free Will. Study ways to be a tyrant in yourself. Every time you try to force, subdue, or impose something on someone, you are sure to have a terrible conflict. We are all free to do what ever we want, eat whatwe want, etc. If you don’t think so, no matter how much you express yourself with all respect, a loving and cordial tone. If your concern is not accepted, deny yourself the frustrated defect and ask for death for it. Love is freedom and absolute understanding.

The causes of anger are: fear, guilt, frustration and doubt.

Be careful with the Celos. These make a flea a horse. In the mind they invent false stories that hurt you and make you hurt your loved one.

If the other person is in a bad temper, whatever you do, whatever you say, you don’t identify yourself in any detail. Let it calm down and look for a suitable and relevant space for dialogue, without falling into the discussion.

Beware of the USTEAR, with the tone of your voice, with your ironic, sarcastic, cynical attitudes. A single ill-intentioned quarrel can offend a lot and provoke heartbreak, hatred and a dreadful fight with your partner.

Keep in mind that anger is like 100 fornications (spillof sexual energy, semen or seminal liquor) and therefore, every time you explode and get carried away by anger, rancour, sentimentality, self-consideration and violence, you are becoming impotent and going in the path of adultery and homosexuality, as well as loneliness.

Whenever you feel depressed, sad, self-pity, and want to claim, violence will take over you and the consequences could be fatal. So terrible cases of domestic and gender-based violence are seen every day.

Refuse your Pride. Be assured that no one wants a superb who is not able to accept and correct his own mistakes. If your partner or someone tells you a defect or judges you, you instead of defending yourself and accept it. Sometimes others see things about us that by themselves we don’t see or just don’t want to accept. On the contrary, you never judge anyone or mention their flaws, for almost no one will have this thoughtful attitude. This is for people who want to differentiate themselves from the massive social vulgo.

Don’t care if your partner practices these teachings or not. As long as you do, everything’s better than fine.

Appreciate your partner, she’s priceless. So beware of Greed; we often reduce being loved, fighting for a few pesos.

Be tolerant to the max. If your partner is messy, tell her things with a loving, understanding tone, asking for the favor. Never give orders, no one likes them, or do you? Treat as you want to be treated.

Look at the ways of manipulating your psychology, such as threatening to go with someone else or another. Any form of threat or intent to bring fear. Without a doubt, you will be a mortal victim of your own medicine.

Don’t let anger, bad temper and negative emotions advance, cut them off by refusing immediately. Remain alert and vigilant like a wartime soldier. With a few words full of anger and pride, coupled with hateful and vengeful thoughts, the devil of wrath will be uncontrollable and there will be much to lament when it’s all over. Take care of even the smallest details, they are usually the most dangerous.

“Revenge is never good, it kills the soul and poisons it”

If you truly love, respect and value your partner, (even more so if you are practicing self-knowledge, for you are the person who will lead you to eternal life and perpetual youth and much more), then every obscene, romantic thought, memories of other couples , plans or fantasies with other people, etc., must be eliminated with the plea to the Divine Mother and obviously, refuse to continue thinking about that, instantly to instant, from moment to moment.

Reflect on what true Fidelity, Chastity and true Love-

In the Knowledge of Himself, the couple is for life, so don’t mess with anyone. Learn how to unfold astrally and see who your other half is on this earth.

All other people, especially those of the opposite sex, except their partner, are paths to hell.

Study analytically and reflexively your prototypes and for every detail ask the Divine Mother to be eliminated. You will never find in this world someone who meets all your expectations, so at first you will deceive yourself. Then comes the disenchantment. If you work on your prototypes, no matter what characteristics your partner has and you can truly love her. If you are looking for someone who meets the requirements of your lust, you don’t really love that person, you love yourself. It’s a kind of self-homosexuality.

Eliminate the abominable vice of masturbation and pornography from your psyche. Today’s TV shows are all pornographic. Make the most of the time to avoid falling into these lows.

Study your musical tastes thoroughly and you will realize that in reggaeton, vallenato, rancheras, rock, and all genres other than the classical music of great masters, they embed subliminal messages of adultery, anger, suicide, alcoholism, murder, homosexuality, etc.

It is urgent that you eliminate alcohol and drugs radically, because a drunk will always want to copulate and have romances with others other than the couple. That’s more than confirmed.

Radically eliminate fornication: (semen spill or seminal liquor with orgasm and ejaculation)

Have you ever wondered why current relationships last very little and almost all end badly, with unwanted pregnancies and other negative factors?

Apart from the details described above, special care must be taken with its own cause: fornication and lust. Every time you copula with the partner and ejaculate, all these flaws are increased in psychology, attracting more pain and tragic circumstances to life.

In addition, after each ejaculation, which in itself is increasingly premature, the heartbreak is increased by leaps and bounds, then you will want to do it with other people, the problems of the relationship of couple and helplessness emerges soon. Much worse if copulated under the influence of alcohol or drugs or on period days or pregnancy and lactation.

Learn at the free conferences of the Science of Energism channel, on Youtube, the Art of True Sex, Sexual Transmutation. It is a sacred, ancient and universal technique, in which every last drop of precious semen liquid or seminal liquor is used, never expelling it to the outside.

With this suprasex, the whole of business will not last minutes as in all people, but whole hours. It will awaken the full potential of your Brain. It will create the energy vehicles needed to travel to other dimensions of the Universe. It will increase the love for your partner, for it is actually making love and not hate, as is the case with ejaculation. It will stop old age and can be cured of any illness or physical ailment, among other great advantages.

If you put these studies into practice, you will certainly avoid a lot of suffering in life. If you manage to work on these aspects with your partner, they will also work for you with others and your life will begin to be a masterpiece. Remember: we all have free will, so everyone chooses their own destiny and their own life. just as rainmundo goes and everyone, we go for the tobacconist, the pain, the suffering and finally to hell.

How to achieve the perfect relationship
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June 30, 2019

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