How to learn a language easier

In our globalized world it is increasingly necessary to learn a second language, apart from the native language, but what is the most effective method to learn a language, be it English, French, Italian, Chinese or another? In this article we will give you a tip that will surely allow you to not only learn a language, but any kind of knowledge in a way – not less easily -, but a little more methodical.

Cómo aprender un idioma más fácil

This article is not about any linguistic method or technique, because each language has its own peculiarities, but we will learn a tip that will allow us to give the right approach to our learning.

First we must define whether

a). We want to learn fast for a language exam tomorrow
b). If we want it to remain permanently etched in our minds.

If we choose option A it is not really that we want to learn a language, but what we want is to have the knowledge and fresh memories for the moment when the previous, partial, etc. is made.

In the second case, although we may also have the exam, we also really want to learn that language.

Well, the tip is this; the method of study we should use is this.

Study the day before or even, in the early hours of the morning, before the exam (we just want to pass the exam that will be done shortly).

Study every day a little bit (we want knowledge to be engraved in memory in a more lasting way.

It’s true, and it’s something that’s scientifically proven. But let’s give an example, to illustrate it better. Let’s assume the following:

Pedro: Study L – M- J – V (one hour each day) – Total: 5 hours of study

John: Study V (5 hours that day only) – Total: 5 hours of studies

Both have studied the same time. But let’s say there’s one language test tomorrow, and another (a second language test) in a month. According to what we’ve seen, who will do better on every test. The answer is: John will do better on the first exam. Peter will do better on the second exam (in a month).

The reason is simple: John has worked on his short-term memory, filling his head with information also in a short span of time. Peter has worked a little every day, in a longer span of time, so he has worked his long-term memory.

But well, this article is about how to learn an easier language, and the answer we already have. It’s not about inuncing our minds with information in a day, but about each day learning a little bit. We’ll take a little longer, but the results will be seen in more permanent, longer-term learning. Of course, we will also require practice, pronunciation, writing, reading, but these must also meet that pattern.

According to some scientists and research, the key lies in the subconscious. If we learn to program the subconscious correctly to learn a language, the process will be very fast and effective.

How to learn a language easier
Source: Education  
June 20, 2019

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