How to prepare cocktails based on red wine

Perhaps the best thing to do before moving on to the exhibition of some of the most popular recipes for red wine cocktails is to review some of the main facts about this exquisite liqueur, which has accompanied humanity since antiquity.

Red wine

In this way, one can begin by bringing to chapter the very definition of wine, which basically states that this liqueur is a drink obtained on the basis of the alcoholic fermentation of grape must, known scientifically as vitis vinífera.

As for its specific origin, some specialized sources report that there are findings of civilizations that already made wine eight thousand years before the present era. Thus, as for the precise place where this liqueur would have arisen, scientists believe that it could have been on the border between Eastern Europe and Western Asia, on the coast of the Black Sea, the current territory of Georgia.

From there, however, it would have spread to other regions. For example, scientists have also found traces of winemaking in the territories currently occupied by Iraq and Iran, where it is believed that the civilizations that occupied those territories began producing wine during the Neolithic, using the fermentation of Vitis vinífera sylvestris in earthenware vessels at least seven thousand years ago.

On the other hand, ancient Egypt and the ancient Greek civilization were also active wine makers and consumers, cultures from which the Romans in turn took it, passing from there to all of Europe, and from there to America, centuries later, during the conquest.

However, as a curiously ironic fact, scientists consider that the appearance of wine was perhaps due to a human error or carelessness, which occurred at least ten thousand years ago, when someone had to leave by mistake some grapes abandoned in an earthen vessel, and discovering some time later, that a fermented-flavored liquid had then formed. In this way, the wine – like so many other discoveries of humanity – had been made by a fortunate coincidence.

As for one of its oldest variations, red wine, most sources agree that it is also the drink obtained from the fermentation of red grapes, in whose elaboration process special care is taken so that the colouring material, which comes from the skins of this fruit, transfers its characteristic colouring. Also, after fermentation and natural coloration, the drink is taken to barrels of different woods, especially oak, where it undergoes a maturation process, the extent of which depends on the type of wine you want to produce.

Cocktails based on red wine

Similarly, a journey through Western Literature and Painting may reflect the social, cultural and religious importance that wine – especially red wine – has had within this civilisation, since it has become the centre of communion, the companion of the most important moments, the reference of art, and even the centre of the most important ritual of the most widespread religion in the last two millennia in the West: the Catholic religion, which uses red wine to symbolize in the ritual of the mass the blood of Christ himself, deity adored by this belief, as well as by those of the Christian current. A little less dogmatic, wine also accompanies celebrations and is the ideal drink for certain meals, being then present in the most important and intimate moments of man.

However, with wine not everything is solemnity and tradition, since it is also a noble drink that can accompany any conversation and moment, whether in company or in solitude.

However, it is not always necessary to drink it in the same way, because even if a glass of good wine is a delight, there are also other more creative and festive ways of consuming this important liqueur: the cocktails based on red wine, many of which have become true tradition in some countries, others are a real innovation in the most popular bars in the world. Here are some recipes that will allow you to try some of these delicious creations in the privacy of your own home:


One of the most traditional wine-based cocktails in existence is Clérigo, which takes advantage of the delicious fruity flavour of this liqueur to enhance it with some simple ingredients. Therefore, to prepare it you will need to have the following ingredients at hand: one (1) litre bottle of red wine / one (1) handful of citrus fruits / one (1) litre of grape juice of the preferred brand / one (1) handful of ice.

At the time of preparation, it will be necessary to take a pitcher with a capacity of two and a half liters. In the bottom the fruit that has been chosen will be placed, which for reasons of presentation can be cut into slices, or small squares. Next, the wine and grape juice are added, and with the help of a mixer it is stirred until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. The ice is added and served cold.

Russian Coffee

For its part, this option is the ideal combination for all those who, in addition to declaring themselves lovers of a red wine, have a passion for coffee. To prepare this delicious option for a cold afternoon or a romantic evening, you will need to have available the following elements: half (½) liter of red wine of the preferred brand / one (1) liter of vodka twelve (12) tablespoons of liquid black coffee, sugar-free and as concentrated as desired.

When preparing, you will also need a large capacity container. Immediately add each of the elements in order. Mix it with the help of a mixer and it is ready to serve. You can use Viennese cups and decorate with whipped cream.

Queen Charlotte

If you want to treat your palate to a more youthful and refreshing drink, you can opt for a Queen Charlote, which is also an extremely chic and glamorous decision, which is why this cocktail is also one of the most popular options among the ladies’ tastes.

To prepare it, you will need to have the following ingredients: one (1) liter of the red wine of your preference, although it is recommended that the more fruity and less dry is much better / half (½) liter of grenadine / one (1) liter of lemon soda / ice to taste.

Similarly, in a large capacity jug, gently mix the wine, grenadine and lemon soda. Once a homogeneous preparation has been obtained, it is served. For this, drink long glasses, completely filled with crushed ice, where this delicious cocktail will be served. You can decorate the drink with mint leaves.

Wine Trix

Among other sweet options that can be found in terms of cocktails made from red wine is the wine trix, a drink that mixes the delicious flavor of this drink and the sweet and deep personality of brandy.

The ingredients that must be gathered for the elaboration of this cocktail will be the following: one (1) measure of red wine / one (1) measure of cherry brandy / one (1) measure of cognac / one (1) teaspoon of brown sugar. For its elaboration, it will be necessary to have a cocktail shaker at hand, in whose interior each one of these ingredients will be poured. It is shaken vigorously and served directly in brandy glasses, where three thin slices of lemon must have been previously placed.

Summer red wine

One of the most traditional preparations, as far as cocktails based on wine are concerned, is the summer red wine, widely consumed in some regions of Spain, Europe and South America, where it is consumed in times or hot regions, even though it is not necessarily necessary to have these conditions to enjoy one of these preparations.

To make a rich summer red wine you will need one (1) bottle of red wine, young and fruity / half (1/2) litre of lemon soda / sparkling water / half (1/2) small bag of crushed ice. Once these elements have been gathered, they should be cooled at least two hours before the guests arrive, as it is a cocktail that is drunk ice cream. The ice will be placed in a large capacity jug, the lemon soda and wine will be added to it, and the drink will be completed with carbonated water. The guests are served as cold as possible.

Monkey blood

Finally, despite its name, which can sometimes be intimidating, this cocktail is actually an opportunity to taste how the flavours of red wine and cognac blend perfectly.

To prepare it it will be necessary to gather thirty (30 ml) milliliters of the red wine of preference / thirty (30 ml) milliliters of grappa / quinte (15 ml) milliliters of cognac / ten (10 ml) milliliters of lemon juice / one (1) small bottle of tonic water / one (1) handful of ice. Once all these elements are in hand, a cocktail shaker will be taken where the wine, grappa, cognac, lemon and ice will be poured progressively. It is shaken vigorously and served directly in a Collins glass. The drink is completed with tonic water, and can be decorated with a spiral of lemon peel.

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How to prepare cocktails based on red wine
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October 31, 2019

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