How to unfold easily

Many people who have received information about this wonderful ancient technique, called the Conscious Astral Unfolding, deeply yearn to achieve this transcendental mystical experience.

Many people who have received information about this wonderful ancient technique, called the Conscious Astral Unfold...

How to unfold easily

Giving off the soul of the body

However, by multiple factors they have failed to do so. This post aims to deliver the simplest formulas and the most relevant tips to get positive results in practice.

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First of all, it is necessary to understand that conscious astral unfolding is a tool of Consciousness to experience other dimensions, especially the fifth dimension of nature. In the same way, to experience a lot of existing realities and worlds, but that we have so far not known.

Its same name indicates much of the essence of this magic formula. Astral: because that’s how we can travel to the other stars. The Universe is infinite; it is a Great Ocean of planets, galaxies, solar systems, nebulae and millions of mysteries. But we, the human beings who currently populate the Earth, are practically trapped and physically, mentally and spiritually enclosed in a tiny point of space time.

But man was made to be overcome and not to be totally limited as he is at the moment. The Universe was made for us to know it and for this we do not need machines, remote-controlled rockets, drones, etc.,but if you learn to voluntarily and consciously release the soul of the body, it is possible to visit any of these planets or places of infinity Space.

Also, it is worth clarifying that most humans do not have the solarly created astral body, but possess a seed, a germ, a spark of that astral body. It’s the body we meet when we’re in the dream world. To create the astral body and develop all its faculties and potentialities, it is mandatory to work with the Arcane AZF.

With that created body, just close your eyes and intend to get out of the body and that’s it. While with only the seed possessed by the majorities who have not worked with Sexual Magick, it is necessary to perform a technique that allows the same, but takes its time, its imagination, concentration and will, besides that its time to be in that dimension and level d and objectivity of perceptions are very limited. That is why it is essential to instruct and work properly with the Arcane AZF or White Tantrism.

Uh, here are the fundamental elements for achieving a positive result in unfolding. Imagination is fundamental, since this is attention directed towards a point or objective, which in this case is the technique as such. As we will see at the end of the post, where the most efficient techniques to achieve conscious astral unfolding are described, one must develop the imagination of Consciousness and learn to visualize, be it the pyramids of Egypt, or an energetic vortex, or a certain place, etc.

Concentration is indisputably necessary, since this is the main cause of most people’s negative outcome when trying. The mind is continually bombarded with dozens and dozens of thoughts of all kinds. But for no reason in this practice we must identify with this incessant internal dialogue, but through psychological self-observation one must discard every thought that comes to distract him and refocus as many times as necessary on the Technical.

Patience is another fundamental requirement. Do not stress or enter states of tension and anxiety when you realize that you repeatedly become deconcentrated with a high frequency. Nor do they take pain and defeatism, giving up on attempts. This is about trying and trying. He who perseveres, enough. If you don’t make it today, you’ll make it tomorrow.

Will is another of the most relevant active ingredients. You have to have iron will, not let yourself sleep or carry from sleep. One has to stay totally still and refuse constant scratches or position accommodations. A relaxed and unique posture must be adopted from the beginning. To do this it is necessary to develop the power of the will and it develops thus, practicing.

Sleep is the essence of this magical occult practice. You must have 50% sleep and %0% lucidity. I mean, getting into a half-asleep, half-awake state. No sleep is impossible. But if sleep totally invades consciousness and one falls completely asleep, so did it.  Sleep is the magic powder, so you have to transmute it and know how to save it. If you sleep more than 4 or 5 hours at night, you waste it miserably.

As a final fundamental recommendation, it is that we should always pray to the Inner Being, the inner God, the Mother Father, to assist us and help us achieve it.

Basic and easier techniques: only one per practice is used. Do not mix.

  1. Mentally pronounce FFFFFFAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOONNNNNN, imagining the pyramids of Egypt. For an hour at bedtime, then get a little more numb.
  2. Pronounce OOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMM with in a soft voice and then mentally. For about an hour.
  3. Imagine vividly a place that you know very well in detail. Visualize how the air feels, the temperature of the place; you need to sit there, think you’re there and forget about the physical body in bed.
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