Instructions for a tour guide

Caution and agility should be key features of a guide. If you have such skills, fulfilling the responsibilities of the profession is very simple.

Creativity and the talent to improvise are very important

“Cautious man is worth two”; not only do you have to confirm the whole itinerary, but reconfirm it. In this way, transportation, food, hotel, amusements and so on will not be skipped or stumbled upon on the trip. This is done days before you leave.

Usually, a tour starts and ends at an airport, which causes some stress on people, as issues such as check-in, queues, checkups and other requirements are often annoying. It is there that the tour guide comes in to make things easier, taking care of it, so it must be half an hour before the airline’s provisions indicate it and before the first of its travelers.

Passengers should be very aware, as if they were young children in the care of their parents, which in this case would be the guide. During the flight, the presentation to the crew is made use and what concerns are monitored in the exercises recommended by the airline to avoid health problems and be aware of drinks and food.

Upon arrival at the destination, as at the time of departure, the guide ensures that all luggage has arrived undamaged and leads people in a group with their respective bags to the bus with whom the tour works, which are usually at the exit of the airport is beating with a sign. To avoid inconveniences that are not missing, such as a passenger being left behind, a check is made of the presence of all members. It would be embarrassing if one stayed.

Before getting off the bus, the respective information of the hotel’s schedules and check-in is given. It is advisable not to lower the crew until the accommodation requirements are made and all the instructions of the case are given. As always, the guide is the first to arrive and the last to leave, so about 20 minutes after they retire, it should remain within reach of tourists to resolve any concerns and indicate the number of the room.

The master list is a very important instrument, because it allows you to check everything and everyone. In this, each traveler and their luggage are checked, at the beginning and end of the tour, as well as in each activity.

A tour is a kind of integration, because the general goal of many people when traveling is to share and meet new people and places. That is why it is necessary for the guide to make them relate in the hours of the meal and therefore, he must know the psychology of each one in order to be able to relate the shy with the extroverts in an opportune moment.

On the bus conflicts can be presented between the same passengers, to avoid them a rotation is made in the assignment of places at the same time as the safety rules are informed and in this way, the authority of the guide is reaffirmed. All of this goes into people management and distribution, which is a relevant strategy when a community is run.

In the aspects of food and food is where most difficulties lie, because there is always someone demanding on your palate and with special diets. The emotional balance and genius of the guide is indispensable, because when one of the tourists starts to criticize or goes out of the way for his food, he should not fall into the game, but solve the situation with serenity and everything will be arranged perfectly.

A tour guide is a recursive, creative and dynamic person and turns the walk into something very pleasant. Within that recursion, for example, is bringing people to know optional sites, which are not within the program, but that if there are no drawbacks with operators, they energize and complement the adventure.

The tourist guide must be a cheerleader

Another detail is the encouragement that the guide should impart in people. He is quite an animator, since you must keep them entertained, either with brochures, maps, books, photos, magazines that you can read along the way. A list of simple games motivates the participation of the whole group. All this is done while the bus ride.

There is a character who apart from the guide, is also an expert in tourism and can make the trip more enjoyable and complete and it is about the driver. He can indicate interesting panoramas and answer questions despite the traffic and concentration he must keep on the road. With it the rest stops are squared, so that the stress never manifests in anyone, allowing to stretch the legs, go to the bathroom, buy treats, etc.

When you go on a trip something that can not be missing are the purchases, so that this aspect cannot be disdained from the point of view of safety. For this reason travelers are reminded of items that can enter the country when they return, if they have gone abroad.

There are a variety of tour classes, including cruise scans, ecotourism, among others. All strategies and recommendations written in this essay apply to any of these; it is worth clarifying that in an ecotourism specialized guides are required, because it is very different urban to rural.

Instructions for a tour guide
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