Internal property of fraction multiplication

Perhaps best, prior to advancing on an explanation of Internal Property in fraction multiplication, is to revise some notions, which will allow us to understand this Law within its precise mathematical context.

Perhaps best, prior to advancing on an explanation of Internal Property in fraction multiplication, is to revise som...

Internal property of fraction multiplication

Fundamental definitions

In this sense, it may also be useful to delimit this theoretical review to two specific notions: the first, the very definition of Fractions, since this will allow to have the nature and characteristics of the expressions on the basis of which the operation in which this internal property is fulfilled arises.

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It will also be necessary to review the concept of Fraction multiplication, since this will make it possible to be aware of the operation in which this Mathematical Law takes place. Here are each of these concepts:


In this way, one can begin by saying that Fractions have been generally explained by Mathematics as a type of expression, by means of which fractional numbers can be represented, i.e. expressions used to account for non-performing amounts exact or not whole.

Thus, mathematical discipline has indicated that fractions may be understood as expressions consisting of two elements, each of which has its own definition, as can be seen below:

  • Numerator: In the first instance, you will find the Numerator, which will consist of the numerical element that is arranged or occupies the top of the fraction. This element is tasked with expressing which parts the fraction represents entirely.
  • Denominator: With respect to the Denominator, this element will have the mission to point out how many parts the whole has been divided, from which the Numerator takes some parts. This element shall consist of the number occupying the lower part of the fraction.

Multiplication of fractions

To continue the theoretical review, it will also be important to throw lights on the notion of Fraction Multiplication, which is then understood as a mathematical operation, where it is a question of determining the product that arises based on multiplication of two or more fractions, or as some sources explain this operation can be seen as the procedure by which it seeks to find the result of adding a fraction by itself, as many times as indicated by a second fraction, hence the Multiplication of fractions can also be seen as an abbreviated sum.

With regard to the correct procedure or form in which this operation should be resolved, most sources agree that the product of the multiplication of the numerators must be found, in order to obtain the numerator of the final result as well as well as multiplying the values of denominators, procedures which may be expressed in turn as follows:

Internal property of fraction multiplication

Internal property in fraction multiplication

Having revised each of these definitions, it may then be much easier to address an explanation about Internal Property, present in fraction multiplication, and which has basically been explained by Mathematics as the Law that dictates that provided that without exception a multiplication operation is performed between fractions, the result will be a fraction.

Therefore, the Property is referred to as Internal Property for referring to the fact that any Fraction Multiplication operation will lead to a fraction, i.e. the number obtained will be within fractional numbers.

Example of internal property in Fraction Multiplication

However, some examples may still be needed to see in practice how in practice it will actually be a multiplication between two or more fractions, without any other possibility, another fraction will be obtained as a result, such as can be seen in the cases shown below:

Internal property of fraction multiplication


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