Key representatives of The General Theory of Systems

L.Von Bertalanfly: he was the author of the idea of the General Theory of Systems, in 1930. But in view of other scholars pointing to the same site, Anatol Rapoport, Ralph Gerard, Keneth Boulding, among others, gathered and formed the Society for General Systems Research, 24 years later.

The theory does not seek analogies between sciences

The real goal of the General Theory of Systems was to destangle the Science of superficiality prevailing in the past and not as some came to think in the wrong way, that the Theory sought analogies among the sciences.

Also within the main exponents, we find Shoderbek or scientists from various branches such as Cybernetics. In this case we have Norbert Wiener, “the father of Cybernetics”, who was a laudable mathematician from the United States and asserted that the human body is like a machine and could be studied as such.

These claims were argued, showing that just like a complex machine, the body has tremendous information control systems, which stabilize temperature and water levels, while forming a complicated and perfect system of chemical and electrical communications, in charge of the hormonal and nervous systems.

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Key representatives of The General Theory of Systems
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July 14, 2019

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