Kim Basinger Biography

Kimila Ann Basinger (December 8, 1953).

Best known by her stage name Kim Basinger is an American actress, former model, producer and celebrity, who during the 1970s and 1980s stood out as one of the most recognized figures in Hollywood cinema, for her participation in highly blockbuster productions, such as Nine and a Half Weeks, 8 Mile and Batman. However, it was her performance at L.A Confidential that would make her worthy of an Academy Award, among other accolades.

Kim Basinger was born on December 8, 1953, in Athens, Georgia, United States, to a marriage of artists: her father was a professional musician, and her mother a dancer.

From an early age he showed artistic inclinations, alternating her formal education with her dance classes. Likewise, in the fullness of her adolescence, he dabbled in the local beauty contests.

At the age of 16 she won the title of Miss Junior Georgia, a triumph that would take her to New York, in order to compete in the nationals. During the contest she was seen by a modeling agent, who became interested in her image.

Modeling and Television

Soon, Kim Basinger, who was just seventeen, had already landed a contract as a couture model. Likewise, she would work as a model for television commercials, being a spot of the brand Breck Shampoo the first commercial of this model, and the one that would launch it to fame.

During these years, Kim Basinger would also begin her artistic training, for which she took acting and singing classes. With a consolidated career as a model, Kim felt interested in starting a career in Film, so a little advanced in the 1970s she made the decision to move to the city of Los Angeles.

After a few small appearances in some television series such as Charlie’s Los Angeles, Kim Basinger finally got the opportunity she was looking for in 1978, starring in the TV movie Kate: Portrait of a Supermodel.

The following year, in 1979, television again opened its doors, assigning her the role of Lorene Rogers in the miniseries From Here to Eternity. In 1980, Kim Basinger married Ron Snyder, who until then had been her makeup artist.

Film career

In 1981 she finally made a toss in film, a genre in which she made her debut in Jan-Michael Vicent’s Hard Country. After two films that were not very successful, in 1983, Kim Basinger has the opportunity to share screen with Sean Connery in the film Never Say Never Again, starring this actor. These would be followed by her performances in several renowned films, which would lead her to become the actress in the highest-grossing productions of the 1980s, including Nine Weeks and A half (1986) and Batman (1989).

In the late 1980s, the actress divorced her first husband. At that time, Kim Basinger wanted to venture into the world of business as well, for which he joined other investors, in order to buy for twenty million dollars, a city of Georgia, called Braselton, with the aim of turning it into a destination Tourist.

However, according to her biographers, it proved a misguided decision, which caused her to lose large amounts of money. Finally, in 1994, Basinger withdrew from this investment, already bordering the bankruptcy limit.

During the filming of the film She always says that she did begin a relationship with fellow actor Alec Baldwin, who starred in the film with her. The actors married in 1993, becoming one of the celebrity couples most persecuted by the showbusiness press and most admired by fans.

That same year she faced a legal battle by breaking a verbal agreement with Jennifer Lynch Boxing Helena producers. Basinger lost her trial and was sentenced to pay millions of dollars, but a few months later she won the appeal and was exonerated. In 1995 she had her first daughter with Baldwin, who was baptized by Ireland.

In 1997, after a sixteen-year career in the seventh art, she got a role in the film L.A Confidential, where she played a lavish prostitute. Her performance earned her several artistic awards, including the 1977 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, the 1998 Golden Globe Award in the same category, as well as a 1997 Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actress.

This film would open the door to major film roles. As for her personal life, in 2001 she divorced for the second time, initiating a court proceeding that would be extended for years for custody of her daughter.

Top films

In twenty-nine years of film career, Kin Basinger has so far appeared in more than thirty-six films, including Hard Country (1981); Killjoy (1981); Mother Lode (1982); Never Say Never (1983); My Problems with Women (1983); The Natural (1984); Fool for Love (1985); Nine and a half weeks (1986); No Mercy (1986); Citation to Blind (1987); Nadine (1987); My girlfriend is an alien (1988); Batman (1989); The Marrying Man (1991); Final Analysis (1992); Cool World (1992); The Real McCoy (1992); The World of Wayne 2 (1993); Mary Jane’s Last Dance; A Century of Cinema (1994); The Getaway (1994); Ready to Wear (1994); L.A Confidencial (1997); I Dreamed of Africa (2000); Bless the Child (2000); 8 Mile (2002); People I Know (2002); The Door in tje Floor (2004); Elvis Has Left the Building (2004); Cellular (2004); The Shadow of Suspicion (2006); Even Money (2006); The Burning Plain (2008); While She Was Out (2008); The Informers (2008); Charli St. Cloud (2010).

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Kim Basinger Biography
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