Lack of prevention causes disasters

We want once again to be repetitive, in order to create a true awareness about the environment, a matter that is up to all of us, especially when we are at the behest of facing a long drought, by the aforementioned “phenomenon of the child”,  which would enter according to official bodies, significantly affects different regions, at certain stages of the year.

Alarming figures

For example, on the north coast, people and animals have died due to lack of water, forcing environmental authorities and the Government to take urgent measures to reduce the situation, such as promoting water savings by citizens and  impose sanctions on those who waste it, including other strategies and determinations to be put in place, with the aim of mitigating this phenomenon.

Although this is a natural phenomenon, the situation could have been controlled and even avoided, if we had implemented preventive policies and/or applied those that exist rigorously, on the felling of trees, the contamination of sources, aquifers, wetlands and maintaining the delimitation on the mountains and moors, perfect targets of the conquerors of wealth that through the extraction of minerals by undergrowth and excavations, deepen the water drying the ravines and rivers, in addition to all the vege native scinking such as friars, cutters and mosses.

In this way, the nascent and the natural cycle are greatly damaged, thus limiting the right to enjoy the precious liquid to the communities and causing ecological damage of great magnitudes.

It would be worth it if these wealth conquerors were forced to repair the damage and to comply with the environmental management plans for reforestation, as contemplated by the standard and the authorities, who must remain attentive and vigilant in order for this to be met it is not fair that while a few fill their pockets, communities die of thirst.

And then no money can compensate for the immense damage done to nature and the environment. It would be worth asking: what kind of planet are we going to leave to our children? A desert?  A place where there is no life and where they die of hunger or thirst?

Of course not. I invite you to take care of ours; that wonderful gift that God has given us: that fertile and productive land of green and beautiful landscapes, of bronzing trees, of lagoons, rivers and ravines of crystal clear waters. Fresh and pure air… a planet full of possibilities and life!

Everything is in the hands of every person who inhabits this planet. Because if we don’t join forces, in less than nothing the whole Earth will succumb.

Already frequent and recent earthquakes are making clear the pressing need to awaken Consciousness and change those destructive habits of nature and stop supporting politicians, who have almost mostly trafficked, sold and harmed great part of the ecosystem. 

It is very important to contribute to good citizen and ecological practices, to mitigate these difficult situations.

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Lack of prevention causes disasters
Source: Education  
July 28, 2019

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