Main events of prehistory

We must take into account what is in itself, prehistory. This is a period of time from the beginning of human civilization, to the earliest vestiges of ancient ancient ancient texts.

The emergence of writing was one of the first and most relevant events of prehistory and history in general. Through the use of letters, we have been able to identify many events and testimonies of individuals who inhabited this Earth, long before us.

But if the probative writings are not available, the only way to try to sketch the ancient facts would be to use the science of Archaeology in a practical and dynamic way, because it is responsible for collecting the material remains of the civilizations such as utensils, tools, architecture, tombs, works of art, sculptures and so on.

In fact, there are three stages in which the events of prehistory unfold: Paleolithic, Neolithic and the Age of Metals.

Main Paleolithic events

This season has its roots more than two million 500 thousand years ago and it was the time, when it is presumed that humans used the stone for everything, but also the sticks and bones. According to historians and archaeologists, these primitive people were engaged in hunting, fishing and collecting fruits and vegetables, in a totally nomadic life, moving around the various corners of the planet.

Usually, these nomads used to camp near the banks of rivers, so as to stock up on water and food in their short stay there. That is where another of the main events of remote history takes place: the discovery of fire, about one million five hundred thousand years (1,500,000) BC. For those remote years, the first religion was shamanism and magic. Several evidence scants of his funeral rituals and ceremonies have been collected.

Main Neolithic events

The first thing is the emergence of agriculture, about 5000 years ago. The Paleolithic era lasted too long. Even today, there are certain ethnic groups that are still maintained in the stone age and have not even discovered agricultural and livestock arts; these native communities are found in some areas of America and Oceania.

Having developed agricultural and livestock activities, complementing hunting activities, led men to become sedentary beings. They settled in places indefinitely and took root, which gave way to the formation of villages.

Major events of the Metal Age

This stage has been classified between 5000 and 3000 BC. It had three stages of development that were copper, bronze and iron. Since then, settled in a fixed and static place, aided by tools he designed with stone, copper, iron and everything else, added to perfection in the arts of agriculture, individuals were advanced and constituted a society each increasingly complex.

Main events of prehistory
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July 28, 2019

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