Memorandum features

The memorandum is a document used to transfer information, whether from a company, an institution, a study house, etc. In this kind of information, recommendations, congratulations, warnings, instructions, decisions or subpoenas are transmitted.

The parts of the memorandum are:

  • Receiver Name
  • Sender’s name
  • Date
  • Matter
  • Content
  • Signature
  • Requirements:

It must be a short, clear and blunt message.

You should have a letterhead on top, preferably.

  • It should be used to communicate some relevant information quickly, such as: report requests, report submissions, resolutions, requests, etc.
  • It is an internal document, exclusively.
  • You can’t go over a quarter
  • It bears the title: Memorandum

Example of memorandum:


New York, October 22, 2019
Mr: Donald Trump, Deputy Administrative Manager
From: General Manager

Subject: Commitment stipend

On the occasion of the visit of the suppliers, on November 14, you must direct and select the administrative and operating payroll, in order to make the specific contracts next year.

I take the opportunity to wish you success in your management.


Pedro Pablo Salas
General Manager

The following complementary aspects can be added:

  • A letterhead on top
  • Name of the year
  • A reference
  • A seal
  • An annex

Two sections, constitute the body of the memorandum:

  • The opening formula: for example, “use …”, “I allow myself…” “I inform you…”, “hereby…” “I address you with the aim of…”
  • The exposition of the message: no euphemisms or rodeos should be used, but to speak plain and concise; to the point.

It is essential to clarify that the memorandum has no closing paragraphs. Also, there are two kinds of memorandums: simple and multiple. The former, such as the one in the example above, which is used to publicize something specific, such as an noun of activities, etc., to a single person; And the seconds, with the same goal, but intended for multiple recipients at once.


Memorandum features
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June 30, 2019

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