Mystic Tale “The Conception”

I have written this mythical tale inspired by the immensity of the Universe and the mysteries it hides. I am sure that man was not born to be a slave to the consumerist system, but to devote his hours to art, to music, to Science, to Mysticism. Federico Nietzsche wisely said it by opening his extraordinary work “So Zaratustra spoke:”

“Man has only been made to be overcome, what have you done to overcome him?”

It is obvious that to overcome man it is not necessary to work all his life to have more than others, or perhaps strive to acquire more academic degrees. But really, beat yourself. The intention of this poem, apart from expressing a deep feeling, is to sow a seed of reflection of the simple, in thirsty souls who seek to be satisfied.

The Conception

There was no time. It wasn’t just a place. Where it was everything, and it was nothing. A warm, infinite, violet energy emanated perfection throughout the universe and wanted anxiously, with the most intense and pure love, to manifest itself.

In order to fulfill his goal, he needed to shape his energy and transform it into something more tangible. He realized that he required a very powerful tool to begin shaping his presence. So he created the thought.

Thought was reproduced and more thoughts were born, which gave rise to other thoughts in an endless cycle. Then they wanted to differentiate theself and time was born. Time differentiated how great thoughts were, and these, with hours, differentiated time. In this way, it was known how long a thought lasted.

If the thoughts lasted a while, it meant they had, in short, a death. This is how life was born from death; but time also wanted to die and be reborn. Then, of their daughters, the hours, the minutes were born, and of them, the seconds. This whole set structured the past, the present and the future.

The thoughts were not satisfied, they needed to materialize more, so the images originated. The images remained for a while in thought. The fusion of thought with images produced feelings.

Thoughts wanted to describe the images and feelings, so the words were born. Words are daughters of thoughts, and when a thought conceited a word, the infinite violets shone in all their splendor and wanted to live longer; However, I was not yet satisfied and I need the words to be uttered, thus forming spells that would create more life.

The fusion of powerful violet energy with thoughts, with images that last a while, with feelings and with words that form spells that create life, gave rise to being.

So it was how a spell created a perfect being, where they inhabit violet energy, in a time and space, capable of conceiving thoughts, feelings and uttering words, which form more spells and give existence to more beings. That perfect being inhabits the past, the present and the future. It is the manifestation in the image and likeness of the infinite creative violet energy: man.

Mystic Tale “The Conception”
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