Natural remedies for aphony

In the medical field, it is known as Aphonia to a condition, characterized mainly by the total or partial loss of the voice, which is caused among other things by inflammation of the vocal cords or some adjacent organs, which may have its cause viral, bacteriological or even physical processes.

Victims and recommendations

Generally, according to the different medical sources, the people most likely to suffer conditions in the quality or emission of their voice are those that have this quality of the human being as the main instrument of their work, that is, singers, speakers, TV presenters, actors, exhibitors, who can see their vocal ability interrupted at some point as a result of tiredness.

However, these people are not the only ones, for at some point all human beings may be involved in situations or apes that bring as one of their consequences the loss of voice. Some of these include, for example, visiting very noisy places, which is usually quite common in young patients, as well as excessive tobacco use, frequent intake of very cold drinks, chewing ice, and even some surgical interventions.

In all these cases, doctors generally advise to immediately suspend the element that is acting directly on the vocal cords or larynx, i.e. quitting the cigarette or suppressing the taking of elements at very cold temperatures. Likewise, doctors usually advise absolute resting of the voice, so as not to continue forcing the organs that emit it, until they return to their normality.

On the other hand, if there is a viral or bacteriological cause involved in voice loss, it is likely that the treating doctor will send some type of antibiotic that comes to fight the germ or infection that is causing the infection that causes the aphony.

Natural remedies for aphony

However, although the main medical indications, as to the indicated way of combating aphony is rest, medication and above all the suspension of any activity that may continue to incentiviate it, Natural Medicine has pointed out some elements, which can lead to better organs, producing relief in the area, and thus the new voice broadcast. Some of the natural remedies recommended by these sources will be the following:

Warm water with salt

One of the most popular natural remedies when it comes to fighting infections or inflammations of the throat or larynx are gargles made from warm water and salt, because these – according to those who recommend this method – have the property of deflating the area, at the time of prevent any infection that is occurring in the affected area.

To perform this method, simply heat a little water, add a tablespoon of sea salt, and proceed to gargle, making sure to expel the water, and not take it. This method should be practiced at least three times a day.

Lemon tea with honey

Lemon and honey will also make a powerful combination against infection and inflammation, located in the larynx, as both have antiseptic, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, their taking during infectious processes will not only be good to disinfect the affected area, but will help improve breathing, combat phlegm, deflate the throat, lubricate the vocal cords and reduce congestion.

According to those who recommend its use for this purpose, this tea should be taken at night, or even very early in the morning, as its heat and ingredients will make it an effective tool to combat cold, cold and throat infections.

Vinegar gargles

On the other hand, some naturist sources are also keen to recommend white vinegar during infectious processes, which may threaten the health of the throat. In this way, according to those who recommend it, this ingredient has a great antibiotic capacity, having the property to eliminate infections and germs, which will result in a reduction of infection, and therefore inflammation.

For its use for this purpose, the different sources recommend gargling directly with the product, taking care not to consume it, but on the contrary expel it completely. They are also recommended to be done twice a day during the initial period of infection, and then only once a day while it passes completely, preventively.

Purple onion and honey

Another naturist remedy recommended with great enthusiasm by specialists of naturopathic medicine, in case of infections of larynx or aphonia is the tea made with purple onion and honey. In this sense, those who recommend it point out that both ingredients have expectorant and antibiotic qualities, so their use can be translated to a decrease in phlegm and secretions, as well as the disappearance of the infection.

To prepare it will be enough to boil in a cup of water half a purple onion. Before taking it, the onion will be removed and a tablespoon of honey will be added. It will be taken hot, at least twice a day while the infection persists, and then once a day during the recovery stage.

However, it is important to note that any of the natural methods chosen to fight throat infections or aphony must be given the full authorization of the treating physician, as this is indicated to recommend the indicated treatment, as well as how to indicate whether any ingredients may interact negatively or positively with the pharmaceutical remedies he has sent.


Natural remedies for aphony
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September 26, 2019

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