Natural remedies for dark circles under the eyes

Perhaps one of the most feared setbacks of any person who wants to transmit a fresh and proactive appearance are the dark circles, small furrows of dark color, almost always associated with tiredness and lack of sleep, and that are installed under the eyes, in the lower eyelid, to show everyone who observes the face where they make life that the person hasn´t had a good night, or that he isn´t in his best moment.

Why do dark circles appear under the eyes?

However, the majority of people know what dark circles are, as well as their multiple social consequences, especially at the work or aesthetic level, because there is nothing that plays more against an activity, where one depends on personal appearance, than a pair of dark circles. However, although everyone understands the negative side of them, few actually know their origin, or the causes that may be related to their sudden appearance, or even to their perennial installation.

In this sense, most medical sources agree in pointing out that dark circles are a direct consequence of poor blood circulation in the part under the eyes, which can be caused by bad postures during sleep, or medical conditions where good blood flow is compromised throughout the body, including the face.

Also, some doctors have pointed out, especially when these dark circles are accompanied by bags under the eyes, that the cause of this dark coloration under the eyes may also be due to situations associated with fluid retention. However, in some cases, dark circles can also be a symptom of allergies, or even blood sugar alterations, so that they aren´t only an aesthetic setback, but must be considered as a warning call from the body about the way it is functioning.

Natural Remedies for Dark Circles

However, it is only the physician the trained professional, to indicate whether dark circles or their persistence are a delicate health issue, or on the contrary only a signal from the body about the need to rest, have better conditions when carrying out this activity, or also the relevance of moisturizing better, or avoid certain agents, which may cause allergies in the person.

Likewise, it will be the doctor who determines the appropriate treatment to contribute to the disappearance of dark circles, and above all of the underlying causes that originate them. However, and even though you must also have authorization from the treating physician to apply some of them, the naturopathic medicine indicates that there are several home methods that can help the body to eliminate these dark furrows. Here are some of them:

Cucumber slices

Perhaps one of the most emblematic treatments in the homemade fight against dark circles are the slices of cucumber over the eyes. However, beyond the stereotype, in reality this treatment is one of the most effective, since the cucumber is a supremely moisturizing element, which can help to reduce the bags under the eyes, as well as the dark circles associated with them. In this sense, most sources indicate that to obtain satisfactory results, a slice of cucumber should be applied to each eye for a period of 10 minutes, about three times a week.

Massages with cold spoons

Another of the aesthetic secrets passed down from generation to generation in reference to the arduous battle against dark circles is that which involves table spoons, cold and massages. In this way, some web portals point out how positive it can be to leave a spoon in the refrigerator all night long, so that with it, once you have woken up, rub the surface of your eyelids on your closed eyes. According to those who recommend it, both the massage and the cold are elements to stimulate good circulation, resulting in a decrease in dark circles.

Cold milk and white skin

On the other hand, there are other aesthetic portals that praise the advantages of cold milk on the eyes, to produce an almost immediate reduction of dark circles. In this order of ideas, those who thus advise, indicate that the best thing will be, before beginning the routine of morning beauty, to place on the eyes cotton soaked with cold milk, which will remain during these fifteen minutes on them.

According to those who recommend this treatment, milk has whitening properties that make the skin under the eyes immediately reduce its darkness. However, there are other people who see in this treatment that it is the cold of the milk that reactivates the circulation, helping the dark circles disappear.

Chamomile, an unavoidable secret

Finally, another of the ingredients always under the sleeve of those who advise home treatments, which can contribute to the fight against dark circles, is chamomile, since most experts in naturopathic medicine see in this plant relaxing, anti-inflammatory and refreshing properties, three qualities that certainly can come quite well to the skin under the eyes.

Thus, some portals on home remedies advise that if there are dark circles under the eyes, a good way to combat them is to apply two sachets of cold chamomile water over the eyes for at least ten minutes, which, according to those who advise this method, will make the skin of the eyes look much healthier and fresher, as well as with much smaller dark circles under the eyes.


Natural remedies for dark circles under the eyes
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October 31, 2019

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