Natural remedies for fibromyalgia

Although Medicine holds a long and continuous debate about the nature and causes of fibromyalgia, without scientific consensus on it, there are more and more advances in the knowledge of this condition that affects hundreds of people, especially middle-aged women.

Fibromyalgia symptoms

In this way, among the most well-known aspects of this disease are the symptoms, since of course they are the most visible and referred by those who are diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and among which are mainly stiffness and pain muscle, as well as a feeling of chronic fatigue.

However, pain and tiredness are not the only symptoms of this condition, to which are also added the difficulty of sleeping, depressive pictures, feeling numbness in the hands and feet, feeling cold in the extremities, menstrual periods confusion, mental gaps, among other sensations.

Sometimes people affected with fibromyalgia are misdiagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, as muscle pain tends to occur at specific points in the body such as the limbs, hips, neck and back, regions affected in arthritis pictures.

Causes of fibromyalgia

Although the number of patients with these symptoms increases considerably on a daily basis, within the Medicine it is still discussed even if fibromyalgia exists as such, or whether it is simply a set of symptoms associated with a major condition.

One of the doctors who most supports this second position is the Venezuelan physician Ludwig Jhonson, who in some of his publications raises his voice to point out that what is now called fibromyalgia, are actually a set of discomforts related to a failure in thyroid function, associated with the intercellular impossibility of processing free thyroid hormone, medically known as T4, to convert it into free hormone T3, a claim that supports the constant presence of hypothyroidism in patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

In this sense, Dr. Jhonson is one of the most enthusiastic in pointing out a complete thyroid analysis, in case of fibromyalgia, in order to indicate the hormone treatment necessary to regulate thyroid-related hormones. Likewise, this Venezuelan doctor mentions the need to suspend dairy, because according to his theory casein – that is, the protein present in milk – has the ability to prevent cells from processing T4 to T3. Likewise, soy is treated as one of the products with this quality, so this doctor also advises its suspension in case of presenting these symptoms, or having been diagnosed with this condition.

Similarly, both Dr. Jhonson and other medical professionals begin to see a relationship of the decrease in discomforts related to fibromyalgia, proportional to the increase in Selenium intake, especially if it is consumed in the morning hours , as well as Magnesium, which is advised to take at night. However, any treatment or diagnosis must always come from a doctor who is the only one authorised to issue them.

Natural remedies

However, even if the latest scientific advances are inclined to point out a hormonal cause behind the condition called Fibromyalgia, as well as the approach of this thyroid deficit as a possible cure, Naturist Medicine has not ceased to indicate what are the Natural or homemade treatments that can help the patient overcome symptoms, while the hormonal treatment dictated by the treating physician begins to take effect. Among them are the following:

Pain thyme

One of the natural herbs recognized as an effective muscle relaxant is thyme, which is credited with the ability to rapidly decrease muscle pain caused by Fibromyalgia. To consume it for this purpose, the different sources advise to prepare a dry thyme tea, in proportions of two tablespoons of this herb for every half liter of water. This drink, according to those who advise this method, can be taken in the morning, or in case of pain.

Also, if you do not want to take thyme in the form of tea, you can choose to perform a dip bath, filling a bathtub with thyme water, and submerging the body for a period of 20 minutes, so that the properties of this herb can act immediately so affected areas of the body.

Mango leaves against inflammation

Another of the natural plants to which Naturist Medicine recognizes its great analgesic and deinflammatory capacity is mango, specifically its leaves. In this order of ideas, Naturist Medicine notes that taking tea from mango leaves may be a good option to reduce pains caused by fibromyalgia.

Similarly, the application of poultices made from these leaves, as well as immersion baths with them – according to those who recommend this treatment – can help the patient affected by this condition to reject pain-related symptoms muscle, as well as reducing tissue inflammation.

Willow bark, natural painkiller

As long as you are sure not to be allergic to acetylsalicylic acid, and as long as a trusted doctor approves it, you can use this homemade method, where the main ingredient is the dried bark of the willow tree, which is recognized for its large layer analgesic citensia.

However, there should be no concern about how to obtain it, since there are many health food stores that sell this product, which should be prepared as tea, and consumed at least twice a day.

Apple cider vinegar against pain

Also, some portals specialized in naturist medicine agree to point to apple cider vinegar as an extremely efficient element when undertaking topical treatments, aimed at reducing muscle pain. In this regard, those who advise this ingredient, indicate that it will be essential to simply rub the areas that have pain with this vinegar, letting it act, reducing the pain.


Natural remedies for fibromyalgia
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September 21, 2019

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