Natural remedies for hypotension

Perhaps the best thing, before addressing some of the main natural treatments and remedies, which the various alternative sources consider relevant in the event of hypotension, is to briefly review the very definition of this condition, in order to be able to understand each procedure in its proper context.

Hypotension: symptoms and causes

In this sense, one can begin by saying that Medicine has defined Hypotension – generally – as the condition consisting of low blood pressure, which is maintained at these levels steadily, causing the low heartbeat to cause the blood finds it more difficult to circulate through important organs such as the heart, brain, and actually the whole body, leading to lack of oxygenation, dizziness and even fainting.

As for the main symptoms – although it can remain silent during its early stages – there is a constant feeling of lack of energy or fatigue, pale skin tone, increased need to sleep, restless sleep, less physical endurance, apathy , greater willingness to suffer cold, especially the limbs, tendency to gain weight due to the sedentary is acquired due to fatigue.

So, even if the person doesn’t experience fainting or dizziness often, if they are affected by hypotension, they will eventually start to see how these symptoms occur more frequently.

Likewise, the Medicine has determined that among the main causes of Hypotension are hereditary factors, since if the mother suffers from hypotension it is very possible that the daughter – since this condition is characterized by its incidence in women young and underweight- also suffer from it.

However, Medicine considers that there are also other causes, such as some medicines such as diuretics, vasodilators, some antidepressants and certain antihypertensives, as well as some diseases that have the hypotension as one of its symptoms, and among which would be Hypothyroidism, pituitary involvements, lack of salt or sodium in the body or some heart failure, among others. Likewise, Medicine sees in some conditions such as varicose veins or some neuronal deterioration also causes hypotension.

On the other hand, beyond being a slightly annoying condition, in reality, Medicine warns that it is not a disorder that puts human life at imminent risk, but on the contrary, beyond these discomforts, can actually become a factor that protect the cardiovascular system from some diseases arising from the contrary condition: hypertension, which actually puts health at risk.

However, because Hypotension can also be a symptom of a primary condition it is up to the treating physician to do the checkups, tests and diagnoses necessary to establish what is happening in the body of the individual.

Natural Remedies for Hypotension

Similarly, different medical sources point out that there is actually no treatment as indicated in case of hypotension, since the medicine usually intervenes only when the symptoms caused by this condition cause an discomfort or ailment in the the body of the affected person.

In this sense, these procedures would be aimed basically at seeking the increase in blood pressure, getting the individual to overcome the discomfort, treatments that of their post must be provided with full approval and supervision of the doctor.However, in terms of blood pressure – both low and high – treatments should not always be of chemical origin, with several procedures that can be followed when ensuring that the individual manages to increase his pressure, thus making him overcome dizziness or decay that you may suffer from a picture of Hypotension, remedies and treatments that despite being natural will also require approval by the treating physician. Here are some of them:

Maintain proper hydration

Water is usually known as the vital element, an affirmation that is not far from reality, since the human body needs water for the proper function of its organs, of which the heart is part. In relation to this, some naturist sources have pointed out that dehydration can contribute to increase discomfort in case of hypotension, or even cause it in very intense pictures. This way, drinking up to eight glasses of water a day can help keep your heart healthy, as well as adequate blood pressure levels.

Coffee, an option for hypotension

Another element – of course not as innocuous as water – is coffee, which some sources of alternative medicine point out could help the heart to speed up its rhythm, then allowing it to pump blood to the body more strongly, which would bring as an immediate consequence of an increase in hypotension levels.

However, these same sources claim that this is actually an immediate and transient effect of this stimulant substance, so even though it can serve as an emergency remedy – like tea – it doesn`t actually present a medium or long solution time limit, let alone an element that may lead to the correction of this condition.

Salt: increased blood pressure

Just as people with Hypertension have the express indication of removing the salt shaker from the table, as well as regulating it as much as possible in the kitchen, affected individuals with hypotension may receive the opposite indication. In this sense, one of the treatments identified by the trusted physician may be a reasonable increase in the amount of salt consumed, which should be done with constant medical supervision, in order to avoid major heart damage. Also, during dizziness or symptom of Hypotension, there are sources that point out that a good way to overcome discomfort is to place a salt pool on the tip of the tongue, which will help to improve the feeling of dizziness.

Licorice stick for hypotension

Among some of the plants that have the natural property of increasing blood pressure or blood pressure is Licorice, a fact by which people suffering from Hypertension are forbidden. To use for the purpose of combating hypotension, especially when this causes frequent dizziness or fainting, it can be chewed, or even taken in the form of an infusion, made in proportions of one cup of water for each teaspoon of liquorice.

Another good option is to load in the wallet or belongings a reluctant stick, which can be chewed from time to time during the day, always under the supervision of a naturist doctor, who decides what dose this plant should be used in.


Finally, some alternative sources indicate that another natural way to correct hypotension may be to massage with a hairbrush – or a special massage brush – directly on the chest, right where the heart is located.

This massage should also be done with movements that go from the heart to the body, because according to those who advise this treatment this will help to promote good circulation and adequate blood pressure. Among the other recommendations for people with hypotension will be to practice hydrotherapy and cardiovascular exercises.


Natural remedies for hypotension
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October 24, 2019

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