Natural remedies for lumbago

Perhaps the best thing, before advancing an explanation of the various methods or home treatments, recommended by alternative medicine, in case of lumbago, is to briefly review what this condition consists of, in order to be able to understand each of these methods in their indicated context.

Lumbago: definition and causes

In this way, it can be started by saying that Lumbago – also known as lumbalgia – consists of a severe pain, located in the lower back, as a result of the retention of some muscle, or the sting suffered by some ligament.

Generally, according to the different traumatic sources, Lumbago is a common, spontaneous and isolated condition, which almost always happens after great physical exertion, poor postures or instills periods of prolonged stress.

As a result, while it is one of the most common causes of consultation in Traumatology departments, in reality lumbago almost never represents a life-threatening or endangering condition.

However, when the lumbago becomes recurrent, or is motivated by situations that should not cause it, then it may be a symptom of a major condition, such as a herniated disc or some type of injury or infection in the spine.

However, this type of major situations are usually sporadic, so Lumbago is actually considered a muscle discomfort, which with a little rest and taking some painkillers and anti-inflammatory headquarters, so that the affected area recovers its normality.

Natural remedies in case of lumbago

However, the solution to lumbago is not always found in the pharmacy, since as the various naturist sources point out there are numerous treatments, which can constitute a true alternative or complement to the healing process after suffer pain in the lower back. Some of them are as follows:

Warm water with salt

As a situation of muscle pain and inflammation occurs, alternative medicine signals the mixture of warm water with salt as a solution that can help soft tissues relax and deflate. Thus, in case of an episode of lumbago, it may be a good option to apply some compresses of warm water with salt in the affected area, leaving them to act for at least twenty minutes.

Alternate cold and heat

Also, the different pages specialized in home remedies ensure that another good option will be to apply a treatment that alters the cold and heat. In this sense, most usually recommend, once presented the frame of LUMbalgia, apply at least two days of cold, in the affected area, action that can be extended for at least twenty minutes.

After two days, the cold should be discarded, which will have served to attack inflammation, and begin to apply local heat, so that circulation and relaxation in the affected area are encouraged.

Lettuce tea for calm

On the other hand, during an episode of LUMbalgia it may also be necessary to take some medicine with soothing properties, which come to help the muscles relax, which will help the pain pass.

In this order of ideas, tea or lettuce infusion emerges as an ideal choice, since this plant has great relaxing properties. To take it, it will be necessary to boil about two or three lettuce leaves in water for at least three minutes. It will be taken after letting it rest for a while. Some specialists point out that the best time to ingest this infusion will be at breakfast.

Parsley and salt compresses

Another plant with great soothing and anti-inflammatory properties is parsley, which can act even directly on the skin. According to those who recommend this treatment, perhaps it is best in case of an episode of lumbago to place in a container some warm water, about three tablespoons of sea salt, and have a bouquet or bunch of parsley in hand.

Once all the ingredients have been assembled, the parsley bundle will be used directly as a compress, to apply the salted water to the skin. This treatment will be applied for about twenty minutes. Finally, the specialists say that it will be positive to finish this method, applying to the skin some hot substance, such as menthol or alcohol, which will help the muscles also relax.

General recommendations

However, almost all specialists recommend that the best way to overcome an episode of lumbago is absolute rest, which will allow the body to focus on healing. Thus, the most common indication is about two or three bed days, and of course no sudden movements or weight lifting.

So, too, even if lumbago is not an alarming or health-friendly situation, it is the trusted physician who should make a diagnosis and send the treatment it deems appropriate. Likewise, any decision made regarding the application of some or other home methods should be consulted with this professional in advance.

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Natural remedies for lumbago
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September 30, 2019

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