Natural remedies for nosebleeds

Within medical terminology, it is known as nasal hemorrhage to the emission of blood by the nasal mucous membranes, which has its cause, mainly in the rupture of the blood vessels that make up.

Precautions about nosebleeds

In this sense, the different medical sources are emphatic in pointing out that usually nosebleeds occur due to dryness or mistreatment of the nasal mucosa, which has large blood vessels, which are easy to rupture. Being then bleeding resulting from superficial lesions, these are easy to control, and short-lived, since however much they occur towards the top of the nose, it will suffice a few minutes and due rest for the bleeding to stop on its own.

However, there are a type of nosebleeds which can be a symptom of slightly more serious conditions, and which should be considered as a warning sign, especially when they are associated with severe shocks, accidents or even headaches. In this regard, some sources have pointed out that sometimes, nose bleeding after a severe blow to the head may be synonymous with a skull fracture. Similarly, if this situation occurs after a severe blow to the face, it could indicate a broken nose.

On the other hand, in some cases, especially when the nosebleed occurs during a severe headache, this can also be a symptom of a dangerous surge, or even a stroke. However, there will be other signs to consider, such as a person’s behavior, or muscle or neurological ability.

Natural remedies for nosebleeds

However, nose bleeds are usually benign, and caused by deterioration of the mucous membrane, so rest and lubrication of the mucous membrane will slow the blood emission, while preventing a new episode. However, in addition to these two recommendations, Naturist Medicine has observed other types of methods and elements that can help prevent these bleeding from occurring or repeated. Here are some of them:

Tilt and pressure

One of the most recommended natural remedies in case of a nosebleed is to sit and lean forward, while pressing the soft part of the nose with the tip of the thumb and forefinger. According to those who recommend this method, the inclination of the body will prevent blood from going to the throat, putting the person at risk of drowning. Likewise, the pressure will lead to the closure of the blood vessels that have been broken, stopping the bleeding.

In case the bleeding occurs after a heavy blow, it should be done in the same way, to prevent the person from drowning, and try to stop the bleeding, but taking great care when handling the head. Likewise, special attention should be taken to provide the person with the necessary medical care.

Apply ice

Thus, another of the most popular natural or home methods when tackling a nosebleed will be one based on applying local cold, through a cold gel bag or even ice, ensuring that the cold doesn´t produce any type of skin burn. The reason behind the effectiveness of this method lies in the ability of cold to contract blood vessels, which can result in a decrease or cessation of bleeding.

In the event that bleeding occurs in young children, those who refuse to let the ice place, a good alternative may be to give them an ice cream, which will also cool the affected area, also causing the blood vessels to close, stopping the bleeding, or preventing a new episode.

Lemon against bleeding

Even though the safest way to prevent nosebleeds is to keep the mucosa lubricated, if it happens, and while starting a treatment aimed at preventing it from happening again, efforts may also need to be directed to close the wounds abuse of this layer of skin.

In this regard, sources specialized in Naturist Medicine have pointed out that lemon has great astringent and healing qualities, so in case of a nosebleed, some drops of lemon should be applied to the nasal mucosa. For this, a good method may be to moisten a cotton swab with lemon juice, and then after the bleeding, insert it into the nose, to prevent a new bleeding, and even prevent a possible infection. The application of this substance should be at least twenty minutes.

Apple cider vinegar, natural cauterizing

Another ingredient recommended in case of a nosebleed and you want to avoid returning is Apple Cider Vinegar, a substance recognized for its great cauterizing, antiseptic and healing capacity. As with lemon, in the event that it has been decided to use apple cider vinegar, it is sufficient to moisten a gauze or cotton with this substance, then making a stopper on the nose, which should be left to act for about twenty minutes.

However, if the bleeding persists, is abundant or has occurred after an accident or physical discomfort, a doctor should be seen immediately, who has the capacity to care for, remedy and diagnose the situation behind it Condition.


Natural remedies for nosebleeds
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September 26, 2019

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