Natural Remedies for Vertigo

Perhaps the most convenient thing, before exposing some of the most popular natural remedies on the web to cure or treat vertigo, is to revise briefly the very definition of this sensation or condition, associated mainly with ear problems or traumatic injuries.

What is vertigo?

In this way, one can begin by saying that Medicine generally describes Vertigo as a sensation of dizziness or instability, in which the patient, usually when standing up, and sometimes even lying down, perceives a false sensation of movement. This condition, which can range from mild to quite severe, can generate other associated discomforts, such as fatigue, nausea, vomiting or headaches.

Among the causes that the medical discipline finds related to the appearance of Vertigo are sometimes injuries or problems at the cervical level, or even in other parts of the spine. Even when there seems to be no apparent relationship, the rotation of a disc, or also the pressure of a specific nerve can lead the patient to experience this feeling of imbalance, which prevents them from performing their tasks normally.

Also, the various ear infections can directly affect the ear canals and organs directly related to balance, which can immediately lead to a loss of stability in the person, accompanied by dizziness and a feeling of vertigo. On the other hand, head injuries caused by trauma are also often manifested by vertigo or dizziness.

Finally, Medicine also associates the sensation of vertigo with some situations or experiences originated by the use of recreational drugs, or the ingestion of a higher dose than the tolerable one of some medicines. Among other causes related to vertigo, and which can be much more serious, are cardiovascular diseases or even the appearance of brain tumors that, either malignant or benign, may press on a nerve, or brain area related to balance.

Natural Remedies for Vertigo

However, it is the medical professional who is empowered to diagnose vertigo, as well as to establish what is the underlying condition that is causing it, which will be done through a clinical consultation and the performance of examinations it deems appropriate.

In general, beyond the situation that is causing vertigo, some of the indicated treatments consist of rest, which can help to attenuate the symptoms. Also, the physician may send some medications to help reduce nausea or dizziness, while establishing what is causing the vertigo. However, naturopathic medicine has pointed out some natural elements that can help the patient cope with this sensation, while examinations and treatment are performed by the treating physician. Some of them are the following:

Smelling alcohol

One of the most popular methods within naturopathic medicine and home remedies, to treat dizziness, fainting, and even vertigo is to smell isopropyl alcohol, because according to the sources that recommend it the smell of this product will help the body seek to stabilize. Therefore, in case of vertigo, while going to the treating doctor, it is possible that providing a cotton wool with alcohol to the affected person will make them feel better. Another way to administer this product through a damp cloth, which is placed as a compress on the forehead.

Vinegar Massages

Vinegar is also a very popular element in combating dizziness or vertigo. In this way, if the sensation of instability appears suddenly, while taking measures to assist or take the affected to the doctor, you can try to alleviate the condition through massages given with white vinegar. For this, according to the sources consulted, it would be best to locate the massage in the hundreds, the forehead and also the nose. This massage should actually be quite light, rather as just placing the liquid on the body. Those who advocate this method claim that vinegar also has the ability to stabilize the body.

Squeezing the left hand

Another of the most popular methods in the different portals on natural remedies, is the one that advises to apply an own resource of acupuncture, to treat the sensation of vertigo or dizziness: to squeeze the center of the left hand for a lapse of two minutes. This method also recommends applying pressure to each of the knuckles of the left hand. According to certain manuals of naturopathic medicine, this method can encourage blood circulation to the brain, and in the body in general, so it can be quite positive when combating the sensation of vertigo.

Other recommendations

However, these alternative methods must be provided with the permission of the treating physician. Also, in case of vertigo, caution should be taken to rest, to remain accompanied, since carrying out physical or daily activities can be really difficult and dangerous. On the other hand, in case of a sudden attack of vertigo or dizziness, it would be best to hold on to some place, or even try to sit immediately, even on the floor, in order to prevent falls and injuries.


Natural Remedies for Vertigo
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October 31, 2019

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