Origin of Holy Week

Holy Week is considered the week of the week and is, along with Christmas, the two most important religious festivities within all Christian currents.

Origen de la semana santa

What is and what is Holy Week?

It is the time of year when the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus is commemorated. It is a religious commemoration that follows Lent, and begins on Palm Sunday, the day commemorating the entry of Jesus to Jerusalem in his ass, and preceded by palms and praises of people shouting: “Hail the king of the Jews”.

After this the holy days follow Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, which are an active part of Holy Week; nevertheless, the schismatic points will arrive on Holy Thursday and Good Friday. It is on this specific day, when the death of Jesus on the cross is commemorated. It is the most painful day in the Christian world.

On Saturday Jesus will remain in the garden, in the tomb and, after this, the most glorious day of the Christian world is celebrated: The Resurrection of Jesus. On this day, on Sunday, the celebration of the Resurrection Mass takes place.

Origin of Holy Week

Let’s go back to the first, second and third centuries of our era, to the time when there were many Christian currents. All shared the background message, but some aspects of form varied, including the date of the celebration, the day, even it was celebrated twice a year.

This was how things went until the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great summoned the principal bishops of that time to the Ecumenical Council of Nicea, held in the year 325 with the purpose of reconciling, to normalize the main Christian positions, including that concerning the rites.

After carrying out this council, apart from fixing the date of Christmas, the date of celebration of Holy Week was also fixed, among many other aspects such as proclaiming the deity of Jesus by means of a vote.

Then it was decided that the Passover would be celebrated on Sunday, not coinciding with the celebration of the Jewish Passover, and that it be celebrated once a year.

The date would finally be settled in the year 525.

However, the basis for its creation is set in the same Bible, the sacred book of Christians, where the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus is narrated. These facts have become the basis of the commemoration of these events.

Origin of Holy Week
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June 26, 2019

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