Patrick of the O Biography

Patricio de la O (Santiago de Chile, 30 December 1946).

Artist and painter of Chilean origin, recognized for his novel treatment of the landscape, achieved in his works, through the use of mixed techniques such as oil, watercolor, acrylic, collage, photography and other graphic elements, with which -according to critics of Art- prints different textures and dimensions, which give your composition another perspective and nature.

It also introduces in his paintings stripes that cross the landscape, which are interpreted by specialists as allusions to abstract structures and in some cases artifices, which do not cease to relate to his interest in graphic design.

Early life

Patricio de la O was born on December 30, 1946, and is a native of the Latin American city of Santiago, capital of the Republic of Chile. He began his artistic training, in 1962, when he entered the School of Fine Arts of Santiago de Chile, where he had the opportunity to study under the tutoring of Eduardo Martínez Bonatti and José Balmes.

Six years later, in 1968, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Arts, mention painting. The following year, he re-entered this institution, but with the role of Teacher, becoming an assistant to the Chair of Form and Color. Some time later he was appointed Professor of Graphic Expression.

Stay in Argentina

In 1973, he moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he continued his studies in Painting, this time in charge of Luis Felipe Noé. During his time in the southern country, Patricio de la O entered the world of graphic advertising, working for important print media such as the newspaper La Opinión and Zig-Zag magazine, in which he served as a diaphragm. Likewise, he started in the publishing world, being Art Director of the IARA Publishing.

Five years later, he decided to return to his native country. Since then, Patricio de la O has devoted himself to teaching, teaching in renowned houses of study, such as the Catholic University, the University of Playa Ancha and Finis Terrae, as well as the development of his pictorial work.


His great talent as a painter has earned him several awards and recognitions, including the Painting Prize for the Fair of the Plastic Arts, with which he was awarded in 1964; as well as the First Prize of the Annual Competition of the Building Corporation of Santiago, received in 1982; and the Embassy of Spain Award, Contest “Painting Providencia”, which he won in 1983.

In the same way, he became worthy in 1982 of the Scholarship of the Friends of Art Corporation; and the FONDART Scholarship, which he received in 1990.

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Patrick of the O Biography
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August 6, 2019

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