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Boredom, that feeling of feeling shaded of something. What’s the origin? Why do we feel bored in the face of a certain circumstance or situation? For example, in front of a conversation, before a person.

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Reflections, messages and phrases on boredom

We get bored basically for three reasons: because we don’t pay attention to what we do, because we don’t attract something and, because we don’t find anything to do.

Tedium is a disease of understanding that does not happen but to the idle. (Concepcion Arenal)

When we don’t pay attention to what we do, then what we do becomes monotonous and boring, it seems to us to be the same every time we do it. For example, the lumberjack might say that he is bored of his work, but only because he has machined it. If that lumberjack paid all his attention, he would discover that every tree he cuts has his own story, and that it is not the same as the previous one, but is different.

When boredom arrives, the magic is lost

And no different from, for example, being with a woman or a man, in a relationship. Do you understand the implications of getting bored? If I get bored within 5 minutes of doing something, if I am not able to bring it to its end, if I am not able at every moment to find a new charm, I am wrong, and those brief moments are the replica of my psychological state of a lifetime.

And possibly that happens to me in my relationship too, why? Because I have lost the capacity for wonder, and I do not realize that perhaps the garden today has another tinge of green. If I get bored, I’ll always see the same green, but if I don’t, every day will be a miracle, and it will be something new. And every day I will see in the woman with which I share my life a new flowering, maybe her pupils today have another shine, perhaps today her face has changed to another aspect.

The secret to boring people is to say it all. (Voltaire)

Cells are born and die every day, so every moment we change, and we are not the same. And the same would happen if we went down to the same river every day. But if we have not lost the capacity for wonder, if we look closely, we will see that something has changed, that at every moment the river is different. And that, of course, prevents us from getting into tedium and boredom.

But really, the essential basis of the negative state called boredom is ignorance of the real purpose of existence. In this way, a person drifts in life and every day, every hour, becomes somewhat useless and only seeks to entertain and satisfy himself. So, until she gets sick, she gets old and dies. People often call anything that doesn’t satisfy their instincts, amusements and low passions boring.

When an individual knows the primary goal by which he lives, then there will no longer be that “I’m bored” thing, because he will even feel that he lacks time to reach the highest ideal.

Phrases about boredom
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June 30, 2019

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