Phrases and messages for International Women’s Day

We are on an absolutely special day, but the special thing in itself is not even the day, but the presence of it, of the woman. Nothing more selfless than her, nothing that has more strength than her.

Phrases and messages for International Women’s Day

Man’s Number One Inspiration

Below we leave some reflections as poems, phrases and messages that come in well for this day and that, of course, can share on social networks, Facebook, Twitter or others, in order to send them a nice message in their day. However, clarifying that the single words alone cannot encompass what they really represent in our lives, in their role as mothers, wives, daughters, companions, etc. They really give light to our lives, and it’s not a beautiful message, it’s reality. Without it, even dreams of peace or happiness would not be possible and even meaningless.

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The woman didn’t come out of any rib, if it’s the man who’s born of her. He didn’t tempt Adam, if it’s the man who tempts her.
J. Lallemant

Women are everything, so why do we keep undervaluing them, mistreating them? Isn’t she the light in our life? The one that accompanies us, the one that guides us, the one that is our lighthouse in the midst of the storm. Why do we keep harming her, if she, deep down, what she desires is a man of home, a loving man, a man who does not invite her out for a moment, but to stay forever.


Because his smile is a happiness without borders
Because only his presence is luminous
Because without it there would only be headlights off
Because only his hand can resurrect a butterfly
Because more than understood must be loved
Because it’s impossible to understand if the mind is reduced
Because with her hands she forges a shield and a continent of foam
Because it shouldn’t be abandoned even in dreams
Because it deserves not an instant but our whole life
Because they are the heroic and the strength
Because in your hands there is a rainbow whenever you want it
Because with their eyes they illuminate the world
Because they are the most beautiful thing about the whole creation


May your love and beauty always live.

Let’s take care of the woman. In the case of men, the strength was not given to them to dominate or abuse it, but for something totally different, to be protected, to feel like in a sky in their arms.

Practically, without a woman, there would never have been life. Creation without the feminine is impossible. That is why in ancient times they saw in different cultures their adoration of a female deity. Such is the case of the ancient Greeks, who worshipped Athena deeply. Or the ancient Egyptians, who worshipped Isis. Or the Indostanis with Lakshmi, or the Maya with Tonantzin. Without the woman, I wouldn’t have felt like living.

The woman is the greatest inspiration of God, of the Universe, of the Creator, or as one prefers to call the Great Architect of the Universe that designed it.

Again: Happy International Women’s Day.

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