Plagiarism from its beginnings and beginnings

In these times when human degeneration has reached peak degrees, it is clear that people’s brains have not even developed by 2%, even though few know this bleak figure. This is due to the misuse of our intelligence, referred to by the ancients as ‘reason’.

Appropriate the ideas of others

In this order of ideas, this essay aims to illustrate the causes that lead someone to plagiarize what is little reflected by others, an unmistakable characteristic of this misuse of “our intelligence”. The most specific and descriptive English dictionary word for this subject is ‘mediocrity’. Today’s society and all its outdated mechanical systems, such as the Education System itself, have led humanity to this very unfortunate state.

‘Intellectual mediocrity’, the fundamental cause of plagiarism, has been a topic that different thinkers such as the writer José Ingenieros in his book entitled ‘The Mediocre Man’, among others, have tried to show.  Today, people consider and think of themselves the best.  But when you really reflect on it, the truth is quite the opposite. As Socrates would say, “people not only ignore, but ignore that they ignore.” So in life some wander everywhere believing that they know, when they don’t even suspect that a mediocre, robotic, absurd, hypnotic, superfluous and false system deceived and enslaved them.

That rotten and noxious mass called society or system, where everyone competes against everyone, in an accelerated drive of life to fill gaps with superfluous and vain things like money, a job, things, a person, a profession, etc., is something mechanical, routine, annoying, tedious, meaningless and very painful, and all this is very much related to the mediocrity that leads to plagiarizing documents, ideas, to lower the reflections of others from the internet, because no one wants to strive to produce something by himself itself, because people spend a lot in time on these ephemeral and “plastic” issues and little to what really matters.

The most notorious plagiarism that is presented daily, happens in universities, colleges and educational institutions, when it comes to writing. daniel

Cassany, in his book ‘Read Behind the Lines’,” clearly asserts that writing changes at the pace that communities are evolving.  Such a claim is based on the fact that writing has changed at the pace of technological advances. Today, most misnamed students ignore what it is to consult or research in a book, write by hand, break sheets after many drafts or mistakes, rectify with liquid corrector, give an original touch to our writings. Today we only type and often copy and paste. The latter is typical of those who call ourselves mistakenly, human beings.

That’s our system we’re proud of. This is what we call that man has evolved. But that behavior is only a copy of other people’s behavior. That is, the tyrant is not a tyrant by birth, but copied the way someone was and that someone was from another and so on. We are all copies, shadows of others, slaves of others, repeaters of theories of others, fanatics of others. Imitators in every sense of the word. Thus begins this virus called plagiarism, copying others.

So as the neighbor, fulano, sutano, percedon, the one there and the one there only live on the basis of money, “we all have to do it. That’s the right thing to do. Doing what most people do” is the collective subconscious philosophy that reigns in these times. “as everyone studies, so do I. As everyone takes, so do I. As everyone seeks power, money and prestige, so do I”… that’s our way of thinking, absurd!

Plagiarism from its beginnings and beginnings
Source: Education  
June 30, 2019

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