Plans of small houses

At the time of building a plot we have to adapt to the measurements of it, and are usually small, 3 x 6 meters, 5 x 6 meters or, at best 6 x 12, and what are some plans of small houses on which we can base ourselves; some designs that allow us to have or clarify our ideas so that our construction is in accordance with our expectations.

The following house designs will allow us to have a clearer idea:

Plano de casas pequeñas

This map corresponds to a plot of 5.40 m x 4.8 m. It is a small area, but how it looks, it has been able to adapt to have two bedrooms (one main and one secondary), a small dining room, bathroom and open kitchen.

In the case where it was narrower (5m x 6m, or 4 x 6m), what we can do to shrink the bedrooms and lengthen the dining room.

Plano de casas pequeñas

This other plan, although hardly applicable to completely urban houses, is a spectacular design with projections. Very for closed sets where there are large green areas or for villa or villa. It can be perfectly adjusted to 6m x 12, with living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms (one master and one secondary), as well as a bathroom with Jacuzzi. There are two entrances, one previous and one later.

Planos de casas pequeñas

In this last plane, which also fits the 6m x 12m (although the original design is 6 x 15) has included a parking (garage or garage), as well as an area of ​​green areas. The plan shows the first and second floors, being able to follow the same sequence for a third floor and perhaps, up to four floors.

They have taken advantage of the flow on the second floor in the front, in the back, if the green area is not high, if it will not carry trees, but perhaps grass or a garden, it can also be used to expand the spaces.

As we can see, we have gone from the smallest and simplest, from one-story houses, to something a little more complex, to a more modern style. The question is how much space we have and that allow us to make the most of the plans of small houses, without loss of space, without affecting aesthetics or lighting.

Plans of small houses
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June 18, 2019

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