Properties and benefits of lemon

Belonging to citrus fruits, lemon is one of the most fooded and healthy fruits, as its high content of vitamin C and other minerals make it key to combating certain diseases and conditions, as well as to prevent them.

It is also an essential ingredient that enhances the taste of our meals, replacing even salt, making it a rich and beneficial option for our heart.

However, sometimes we are not aware of the richness of vitamin and minerals that keeps in its juice each of these green fruits, to which we can give from domestic uses, as an air freshener or fat cutter, to adjuvant of our beauty and health, taking into account of course, this cannot at any time replace a doctor’s opinion. Here’s a list of the benefits lemon brings to your health:

a) Since ancient times, sailors have discovered that lemon, thanks to its citric acid content, is an essential element in combating scurvy.

b) Similarly, the high content of vitamin C causes lemon to help the blood absorb the iron present in our meals, so its consumption is a key ally to avoid anemia, bleeding gums or the appearance of bruises.

c) Also, in addition to its vitamin C content, lemon also counts within its components vitamins B, E and some minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Copper, Phosphorus, Zinc, Iron and Magnesium, which makes it a complete food, which is used usually strengthens our immune system.

d) Its excellent combination of citric acid and vitamin C make it essential to fight diseases of infectious origin.

e) It is also a healthy and delicious option for cardiac or hypertensive patients, as the delicious flavor it brings to food makes it an ideal substitute for salt in our kitchen.

f) Its components also make it a great purifier of our blood, since lemon influences the process of metabolizing fats and removing toxins from our blood, so it is recommended to take your juice regularly.

g) Its antioxidant properties help protect the eye from degenerative conditions such as cataracts.

h) So it also has digestive properties, which make it an excellent ally to combat constipation. Its use is recommended as an adjuvant in the treatment for bowel deflation.

i) Its high antioxidant properties make it, in the opinion of some alternative medicine specialists, an important element to fight cancer.

g) Lemon is a powerful antibacterial and a great healer, in this way can be of great use for the treatment of wounds, insect bites, mouth sores, herpes. However, it should not be lost to the view that its use can not replace the opinion of a medical professional, who you should always consult with any discomfort in your health.

h) Among its many properties, lemon also helps to lower blood sugar levels, making it a powerful ally of people with diabetes.

i) It is so rich in vitamins and minerals that its use not only benefits us internally, but lemon can become a great ally of our beauty, because its usual use would give us a healthy look, improving the quality and strength of our nails and hair .

j) Some naturopathic specialists recommend lemon as an adjuvant in the treatment of acne.

h) It is so rich in properties that even your skin brings us benefits, becoming a healthy element for your brain. One way to use it as a seasoning is by putting a lemon in the freezer, next to your ice and meats. When you’re cooking, take it out and scratch some of its peel on your food so you can take advantage of all its properties and its incredible flavor.

However, it is important to note that there are people who may be allergic to lemon, so if you are not sure consult your doctor before incorporating it into your daily diet or increasing its consumption.

It is also important to take into account that never under any circumstances should you use lemon on your skin while you are exposed to the sun or you are going to be exposed, because the acids of this fruit react with ultraviolet rays being able to produce on your skin severe burns and stains that take a long time to disappear.

It should also be noted that lemon is only an adjuvant of the treatment of certain conditions, as well as a rich flavoring for our food, but that it cannot in any case replace the treatment recommended by a doctor, as well as his opinion.

Lemon juice may have an alkalizing effect on your urine. However, contrary to the premise of the Alkaline Diet, it has very little influence on the pH of your blood.

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Properties and benefits of lemon
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August 25, 2019

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