Properties and uses of grapefruit

In recent decades society has rediscovered the healing power of plants (base of medicines manufactured in laboratories) which since ancient times have accompanied man offering their properties and benefits. This time we will talk about the properties of sedatives, healing and digestive properties of grapefruit.

Easily arable (you can keep it at home in a small pot) the toronjil or melisa does not exceed seventy centimeters. It is characterized by its prolific branching and square-section stems, from which opposite leaves are born. Its flowers are yellow, although some species also have white flowers. Its consumption is usually done in the form of tea or infusion.

Here are some of the properties of this plant:

a) Toronjil produces a great sedative effect in the body, making it recommended for people suffering from nervous pictures or insomnia. It is also recommended for heart-type patients based on nerve disturbance, as well as for those suffering from stress-suffered episodes.

b) For its sweaty properties, it is recommended to use infusion toronjil to treat cold and fever. In addition, according to the specialists, this plant also has antivirus effects, and can be used to combat some of them such as mumps or cold sores. Although it should never replace the medical opinion or the treatment indicated by it.

c) Its relaxing effect helps restore the heart muscle, helping the heart to regain its natural rhythm. It can also be used as a general muscle relaxant.

d) Toronjil also has great digestive properties. It helps eliminate bad breath, for which it is enough to chew a piece of grapefruit, previously washed. It also promotes good digestion. Its antispasmodic character makes it ideal for combating stomach cramps of nervous origin, for which it is recommended to take infusions made with the flower and leaf of grapefruit.

e) Likewise its relaxing and antispasmodic properties make it a great ally to combat vomiting of nervous origin.

f) Toronjil also have antiflatulent properties, so it is recommended to help expel and remove gases, as well as to deflate the stomach.

g) Its intake during the menstrual period is also recommended, as its deinflammatory and antispasmodic qualities can alleviate menstrual colic symptoms.

(h) Similarly, toronjil is very useful for the treatment of recurrent headaches, headaches or migraines, due to its analgesic properties, which you possess due to chlorogenic, ursolic and coffeeic acid, as well as the timol and eugenol elements of which is composed. However, it should be remembered that under no circumstances can its use replace the treatment indicated by the doctor. It is also important to note that a very intense and unusual headache, as well as a very prolonged one should be consulted with the doctor.

i) In this regard it is also recommended to attenuate toothache, as well as bone discomfort or earaches.

j) It is also recommended to combat hyperthyroidism.

k) Toronjil also has healing properties, so it is recommended to use on wounds or sores, for which a contentious infusion of four tablespoons of grapefruit per liter of water should be prepared to apply directly to the wound. It should be noted that the water must be boiled and applied with a clean cotton. Likewise, the use of toronjil in these cases should be accompanied by medical opinion.

l) Its healing and analgesic effect is also recommended to attenuate the symptoms caused by insect bites, for which immediately the bite occurs, the grapefruit leaf should be crushed or squeezed, in order to place the juice of the torelon on the lesion. Likewise, its use cannot replace the visit to a doctor, especially if there is suspicion of allergies.

m) In ancient times this plant was attributed aphrodisiac qualities. Likewise, its use can help to promote menstruations, helping to regulate the cycles of the woman.

n) It is also recommended for patients with conditions such as rheumatism or gout, for its sedative and relaxing effects. Similarly, according to experts in medicinal plant properties, grapefruit can help people with kidney stones.

o) It can also be used to treat people who have fainted, to help them rebuild.

p) Based on what is exposed by some specialists in medicinal plants, toronjil also has restorative properties, which together with its relaxing effects, can promote good mood in the person, so it is also recommended in case of depression. However, it is essential to remember that a depression chart longer than fifteen days must be treated and monitored by a doctor.

As with the rest of the plants, their intake should not be done in excess or for a long time, as it could bring side effects over time. Likewise, it is important to note that its medicinal use cannot and shouldn´t replace at any time the opinion or treatment indicated by a professional. In this way, toronjil can be an adjuvant of certain treatments and nervous conditions, thanks to its great properties.

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Properties and uses of grapefruit
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August 22, 2019

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