Qualities of written expression

The written expression has several qualities that we will summarize briefly below. These qualities are divided as follows: clarity, precision, fluency and simplicity. But let’s look at each of these qualities:


The most important quality of the written expression is that it is clear, that is, that the reader to whom the writing is addressed does not have to guess the ideas that are communicated or try too hard to understand the content of a paragraph. We must omit the vague expressions and the pretension to express with lucidity the intellectual emptiness, since the cidro knowledge is the result of intelligent and methodological study, in such a way that it is possible to master an issue knowing it thoroughly.


Precision consists in communicating an idea in such a way that there is no lack of any word or sentence for its complete comprehension. They oppose the precise language: The inappropriate use of words of wide significance, such as the words: something, something, pod, this, that, this, have, have, do, put, say and see. The use of ambiguous phrases or terms, for example: rent apartment for newly renovated marriage; I answer yours from last month; Antonio went to José’s house in his car.


The fluidity consists in the continuity of an exhibition, leading the reader gently, in such a way that he does not feel a sudden transition from one subject to another or lose track of the subject he is following. By means of fluency it is possible to link the main idea of ​​a paragraph with the previous idea or with the general theme that is exposed, it gives unity to the communication. Relate each secondary idea with the previous one or with the dominant theme of the paragraph, giving fluidity to the exhibition.


The simplicity of style is manifested through the use of words and phrases that are easy to understand, without being artificial or contrived. Naturalness requires the use of words and expressions of the subject in question. The variety, simplicity and naturalness contribute to the fluidity of style.

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Qualities of written expression
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June 13, 2019

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