Questions of esotericism

What are the existential bodies of Being for: to know other dimensions and to have total reality in them. These bodies have all the powers of Cosmos and Nature, as well as the secret of immortality.

Millennial knowledge

What is the process to manufacture a dimensional body: first the seven centers of the human machine must be left in perfect balance, saving energy that is spent on ego self-satisfaction: anger, lust, greed, envy, pride, gluttony, laziness, resentments, revenge, fears, masturbations, pornography, vices, spirits, etc. With that energy saved using Mystic Death, work with the Arcane AZF will be created and each body will be created gradually. (See the poster of dimensional bodies or how to create a soul).

What is the duration of the creation process? The esoteric path is not something mechanical that can be quantified, but if we talk about approximate data of someone whose level of seriousness is strong and their commitment is net to the Work, dedicating themselves daily and at every moment, about two and a half years per body.

How long does the Soul take to create itself? Since there are five bodies to work with in sexual energy manufacturing, and each body lasts approximately two and a half years, then about 13 years would take a serious and applied student to create their Human Soul.

What is the signal that indicates the beginning of the road? When the Holy Fire of the Kundalini in the coccyx is activated or ignited. This can only be achieved with the Scientific Chastity, having radically understood the fornicator self, since this defect is the one that spills our super powerful creative energies and to that effect, you cannot begin the esoteric path. When the Holy Fire has been lit, an initiation ceremony is held in the inner worlds, where the Masters of the White Lodge give the adept a small sword, which is the symbol of their first Initiation of Major Mysteries. That sword has terrible powers.

Could a single person without Sexual Magic make the Soul? Never. The true spiritual path is “narrow and difficult” and few pass through it; that narrow and difficult path is Suprasex. Nothing can be born other than sex and the soul is no exception. If from the Garden of Eden we go out as a couple, to Paradise we return as a couple.

Can you work in the Arcane AZF to create the Soul, after having surgery for vasectomy, tubal ligation or being in some form castrated? Never. The creative sex organs of both partners are needed to be in perfect condition: the two testicles, the two ovaries, the entire uterus, the Phalo and the Yoni under normal conditions and without any contraceptive operation. If someone has already made the mistake of being castrated with vasectomy or tubal ligation, they must regenerate first before working with Sexual Magic.

Why is the road found by so few people? The world instructor made it clear: “Of a thousand who seek me, one finds me. Of a thousand who find me one follows me and a thousand who follow me, one is mine.” Especially in this day and age, people have been too dogmatized and programmed toward materialism or a blind belief in some kind of religion; today, people no longer want to think for themselves and choose to believe in everything the social system gives them. Similarly, karmic debts are behind all this, since in previous stocks we had Hidden Knowledge and wasted it. So in this existence we are deprived of knowing him.

What is the reason for a single person, out of a thousand who finds him, to practice it? By the force of entropy and the current nefarious conditions of the planet. It takes super efforts, great conscious sacrifices and voluntary sufferings to advance the esoteric path. Devotees must rise in the early morning before the sun rises, to begin their rigorous gnostic discipline of mystical practices. Obviously, to advance on this path you need to go deep into these studies, and almost no one is willing to set aside your shallow and hollow life.

Why a thousand who practice, one only achieves Self-Realization? Because of the difficult initiation tests that must be faced, such as the gruesome test of Nirvana, where 999 initiates fail and only one transcends. The path of Intimate Self-Realization goes beyond Nirvana, it is directed towards the Absolute and for this it must choose the Mystic Way in order to eliminate the Causa egos, legion heads in hell itself.

Where does this hidden knowledge come from? This knowledge has not been invented by any person, but on the contrary, it is the oldest wisdom of humanity and planet Earth. It was known and practiced by the Maya, Greeks, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Indostani, Hindus, Tibetans, Celts, Druids, Chibchas, Muiscas, etc. Over time and European colonization, these sciences were lost and conceded by reason, in order to keep the population asleep and to be able to control it easily. They keep us hypnotized.

Questions of esotericism
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July 7, 2019

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