Rapunzel summary

This summary of Rapunzel (with z and not with s – “Rapunsel”) is based on the stories of the Brothers Grimm and corresponds to the German literature of the nineteenth century. Anyway, let’s leave the preamble and go for the summary of this, which is one of the best and most successful stories of the Grimm.

Resumen de Rapunzel

Rapunzel summary

A blacksmith had his wife pregnant, and she thought of cabbages. However, these were only in a witch’s farm, and the husband took the risk of picking them up without permission, with such bad luck that he was surprised by the witch who told him that he could take all the cabbages whenever he was born. child will deliver it.

The blacksmith paid little heed to his promise, thinking that nothing would happen. But shortly after a girl was born, the witch took her and took her away, raising her with her in a tall, remote tower.

It was Rapunzel who grew up and with her a long hair that he threw from the tower, so that the witch would go up. However, on one occasion a prince passed by, and heard him play the lyre. He managed to climb to the tower and they fell in love and planned to escape.

However, the witch noticed, cut off Rapunsel’s hair and expelled her to a distant spot, and the prince threw him from the tower, leaving him blind as he fell on thorns. But he wandered the world looking for it year after year, passing through seas and deserts. Once Rapunzel played the lyre again, and the prince passed close by. They met, and the tears of Rapunzel (who would have had a son of both) opened the eyes of the prince. They got married and they were happy.

Rapunzel summary
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