Reflections, messages and love´s phrases

When we speak of love we refer to the maximum experimentation, to the greatest fulfilment that a human being may have. Each of us is love, and he has love, only he hasn’t discovered it. When we become love, all we care about is love. And if it is our partner, we will love her with couple love; if our brother, we will love him with filial love; if at work, with companionship and generosity.

Frases de amor

Reflections, messages and phrases of love

You could spend your life talking about love and never get to experience it.

We usually think that love is only for couples, or we usually think that love is just sex; but the thing is, we can love our pet without having sex with it. Then, we realize that love is not desire, it is not passion, it is not instinct, but that love is the ultimate experimentation, the ultimate realization, the maximum dream.

What is love? Is it nothing but passion?

I’m sure you will. Love and passion are something totally opposite. What happens is that we live with both of us at the same time. However, when passion appears, love is absent for a moment. Passion trumps him, but when that passion is withdrawn we feel that we can love a person, because of his forms or his curves, but for what he really is, for his smile, for his caresses, for his affection, for that borderless clarity that he provides to our lives.

I love you, not to love me or love me, but to survive

Love is not envious, love is not greedy, but wants to give everything to full hands. If a child finds a treasure (a child at an early age does not know what greed is), he would not want to hide it or keep it to himself, but calls his friends, his brothers, and shares the good news. And not doing it for him would be torture. That’s what love is. When we really love, we do not do it to be reciprocated, but because love flows from our fingers like river water, as a spring, irresistible, irreconcent. That’s the love, the most wonderful feeling that someone can experience and that is able to transform our existences.

If humanity had love, wars would be impossible.

When a soldier fires his weapon at another, possibly from another nation, it is not because he defends his country, but because he lacks love. Nationalisms are unnecessary, and when there is love we understand that the earth is nobody’s, or better, that the earth is everyone’s, and that we can all live happily in it.

A work of love is fed with love.

Love is priceless, or if you believe it, ask your mom (if she’s still there) how much the upbringing she gave you is worth. The answer is there’s no price. There are things that money doesn’t buy and one of them is love. You can only pay for an act of love with the replication of that act of love, with a loving work, with a work of dedication to a cause, as long as it is noble.

Just as there are different kinds of trees, there are different kinds of love, which class do you mean? One, for example, loves his children, and wants to see them always happy, always thriving. I don´t expect them to correspond to my love, but that with giving love I am happy. And that’s the big lesson. If one loves waiting for something, then there is interest, there is selfishness, there is a love that works under conditions, but then it is no longer love, because love is unconditional and free, absolutely free.

You want some love phrases? The best phrase is in your heart. You can tell him, for example:

There’s no night with you. You give light to my life like a sun.

Neither the most beautiful phrases nor the most eloquent words are able to express the simplicity of these words: I love you, and I want you to be in my life.

We don’t need famous phrases to express how we feel, it’s best to express it as we feel. And that’s what these non-famous phrases are all about, seeking an approach to our own interior, to reuniting with ourselves, to living not with what others said, what others thought, but about how we feel ourselves here and now. And that’s more alive, you can feel more your own, mine and yours at the time, pulsating, beating your heart, throbbing.

Synthetically we can say that love is freedom. When one loves, one accepts as it is to be loved. But if not, what it feels like is something else but love. People today do little to distinguish from real love from false and numerous misconceptions have been instilled in what love is.

Reflections, messages and love´s phrases
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June 21, 2019

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