Reflections, messages and phrases about laziness

Laziness is one of those things that many of us like so much to do at a certain time, but where does it come from? Why is it that a person is lazy about certain situations and not at others?

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laziness: the worst enemy of man

Laziness is the mother of all vices and as a mother she has to respect her

It seems implausible that laziness could really be the mother of all vices, but if we analyze it a little, more carefully, we realize that it is so. An unemployed person (because he is lazy), begins to feel bored, an unemployed person, anyway he will look for something to do. And what you are looking for is not just work. So what you’re looking for is to see what’s on the street, what your unemployed friends give you (the busy ones will not have time to assist you). Overall, they begin to derive from there unhealthy, unhealthy behaviors.

Now, that “as a mother touches respect”, yes. A good mother is respected, but a bad mother is not worthy of respect. I clarify, almost all the mothers of the world are good and capable of giving their lives for their children. These mothers do deserve all our respect, all our veneration and adoration.

But there are also heartless mothers, capable of leaving their children on the street and is it not laziness that can leave us in the street? She is a soulless mother who does not deserve respect or obedience. Laziness easily leads to a vice, or vice to the street.

By the street of the after you get to the street of never. (Luis Coloma)

When we postpone something, when we postpone, we will never do anything. We always find excuses, pretexts and justifications for not doing something and …

When something is important, we take time out; when it is not, we get an apology.

What is important? Only that which can remain forever can be important. Not the ephemeral, not what today blooms and tomorrow fades.

To paraphrase Goethe, we will say:

The lazy always talk about what they will do. Those who put to work, do not have time or talk about what they have achieved.

Laziness will never allow us to live well, or reach an objective. We will always start a trade and leave it abandoned. Or we will feel good doing seven trades and not finishing any. A lazy person does not want her at work. The world loves the enthusiastic, the dynamic … is that even to get boyfriend or girlfriend laziness is an impediment.

Some great thinkers have described laziness as the antichrist himself, understanding it as the worst enemy of a human being, which will lead him down the path of degeneration and vices, as well as sickness and death.

I declined a chance I had with a girl these days … for laziness. A lazy person is thrown into tragedy, abandoned, drowned in a glass of water. So throw away laziness away from you.

Reflections, messages and phrases about laziness
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