Sayings of love, prudence and duties

According to some linguists, sayings (popular sayings) are one of the richest manifestations of the cultural acquis, through which speakers pass on advice and standards from generation to generation. On this occasion we will present some of the sayings in Spanish, more common in Latin America, as well as a brief comment on some of the possible interpretations that can be given to each of them.

Love sayings

One nail pulls another nail out.

Perhaps one of the most common popular sayings of Spanish, he places his accent on the moment when an individual faces the pain of living in the absence of his lover. For this popular wisdom advises that the best way is to get another love, which will make the person completely forget about his ailments.

However, in practice this is not always the case, and on the contrary most of the time it is better to simply live the stage of mourning and wait for the pain to cease, and the heart to heal before finding a new love, in order to avoid doing us more harm and harming Other.

Old love, I don’t forget you or leave you.

Consonant with the saying that “who was a sailor when seeing the sea sighs”, this saying refers to the impossibility of completely forgetting an ancient love, and on the contrary keeping the flame alive, despite distance and time.

It is usually customary to say in circumstances where two people who have shared a long love come back together for some reason. However, not everyone agrees with this expression and on the contrary firmly maintains their ability to forget and turn the page.

Sayings about prudence and gossip

In doubt, stop your tongue.

This popular saying makes absolute reference to the need not to intervene in a conversation from which we do not feel safe or to issue sentences without due knowledge, for we may be at risk of harming others with our comments, and even to ourselves, for a bad comment can generate gossip and misunderstandings that lead to loss of friendship and even damage to the reputation of those affected.

Tell your friend your secret, and you’ll always be captive.

In the same tune of the popular saying that “one owns what he shuts down and slaves what he says”, this popular saying warns that we will always be subordinates of our confidants, since telling an unrepeatable secret to another person is to remain in dependence that it can spread it at any time, and perhaps among the least indicated people. This is better to keep the secrets ourselves or to be very sure of who we are going to tell them, in order to avoid setbacks.

In the liar’s mouth, the truth becomes doubtful

In this sense, this saying alludes to another way in which the individual can fall into recklessness: lying, which together with gossip and the bad choice of confidants can really lead us to live unappreciated situations.

He also warns that taking on the habit of telling lies leads to the creation of a reputation as a liar, which will make our word constantly in question, without getting someone to actually want or believe us.

Sayings about duty

After fulfilling duty, rest is a pleasure.

Thus we also have popular sayings that call on the individual to fulfill their obligations. For example, we have this saying that points to the need to assume our duties, before enjoying our rest.

In this way, this popular saying refers that only when the task assigned has been fully fulfilled, can the individual give himself to rest and enjoyment, otherwise he could live a great feeling of anxiety or rest well, but always with a stop of guilt for not having done his duty.

Do well, without looking at who.

In an attempt to give advice to foster solidarity and cooperation among the members of the same society, this saying points to the need for individuals to do well to one another, simply because of human beings.

If we did, we would really be living in a much more human world, where there would be no fear for the future because there would always be people who would help us, just as we would help others.

If you want a good reputation, don’t let the sun get you in bed.

In the same direction as the saying that “the king’s wife must not only be honest, but appear” arises in the popular language this saying that directly alludes to the fame of responsible or workers that we can have and how to maintain it , because it will not only be enough to be, but it will also depend on the habits that others may observe in us, such as the fact of getting up early, because almost always this characteristic is associated with working people.

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Sayings of love, prudence and duties
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August 28, 2019

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