Self-esteem essay

Self-esteem is a defined concept from psychology, and it is understood as that image that has on itself, in this way, it is that complex set of appraisals and feelings that we make of our person around our characteristics , skills and abilities. In other words, it is the self-esteem, the appraisal itself.

Self-esteem essay

Self-esteem in the various aspects of life

A very important aspect of self-esteem lies in its formation. This is something that is developing throughout life from the experiences we live and how they make us feel with ourselves. In this way, it is not surprising that sometimes we are faced with certain situations that make us feel a little silly, or the best to do some work.

The way it develops The self-image of people Things become crucial The most important part of life. It is imposed when acting. A person with a good or high self-esteem tends to perform better than a person of low self-esteem, since the latter imposes limitations, most of the time, is only in his mind.

As already mentioned, self-esteem is gradually developing throughout the different stages of life, being one of the most important adolescence. It is at this stage that people begin to configure what will later be their identity, which allows them to know with greater certainty their true possibilities as a person.

Moreover, during this period it will be necessary to have the support of the other signifiers and to look for similar people in order to have pairs and a group to belong to. The way in which self-esteem has been developed during childhood, which is closely related to the love and support provided by the family, will allow the teenager to overcome this stage of crisis successfully, forging a strong identity and self-esteem that They will broaden their possibilities as an individual.

Negative psychological states

No one could have true self-esteem, if he has done an exhaustive work on himself, in the sense of eliminating all those many negative emotions such as hatred, rancor, vengeance, lust, envy, jealousy, stress, concern, Depression, melancholy, self-consideration, aggression, violence, lying, slander, offense, conceit, etc, etc, etc.

The above, because it is scientifically proven that if a person feeds such emotions and negative psychological states, his body is going to look very committed and whole life integrally. But although it seems incredible, these psychological states are only and exclusively the responsibility of each individual, so that this blames situations or people to cause their thoughts and feelings.

Practically, there would be no true self-esteem without a genuine psychological individuality, without a depuration of all these psychological defects. Someone would believe that the thief in his wallet caused depression, anxiety, stress, anger, frustration, etc, but if you think deeply, it is clear that oneself owns their own states and even if the event has been disastrous, it is feasible to modify The psychological state that occurs and choose a formidable one.

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Self-esteem essay
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