Services of a library: catalog, general activities, parking, lockers

In this article, we will briefly discuss some of the services – together with a short description – that a library can provide, whether it is public or private, whether it has an open or closed collection. We will base it for this in a practical case, in a real example, for that matter, in the Tunal public library, in the city of Bogotá (Colombia).

Sevicios de una biblioteca: catálogo, actividades generales, parqueadero, casilleros

Library online catalog

Internally, users can interact with the databases of the library and with the online catalog in the user module of the unicorn bibliographic software (managed by all public libraries attached to BiblioRed). However, via internet you can also access the public opac of that catalog, where you can filter the search by several types of searches, including the library, title, author, subject, series or journal title.

The material is processed in the administrative offices on the second floor. The AACR 2 and the SCDD 21 are used for this process, as well as subject headings and thesauri. There is also the physical process, seals of property, labels, magnetic strips and protectors.

At the administrative level, it depends on the general direction of BibloRed, located in the Virgilio Barco Library, inside the Simon Bolivar Park, in Bogotá, where technical processes are also carried out (most of them), to be distributed later in the libraries that make part of the complex of the national network of public libraries.

General activities of the library

Among the activities carried out is the guided tour at certain times so that users have more knowledge about the services provided by the Library. In addition to this, it has several cultural activities aimed at integration and cohesion with the community and integration with artists. Among these spaces are exhibitions that are programmed in terms of painting, drawing and, occasionally, sculpture. These exhibitions can be rotating through the three public mega-libraries.

There are also concerts (symphony, choral or artistic presentations, not commercial or directed to crowds), recitals (among which are the time of the story) in which participation is given to local or district artists (although there are sometimes complaints about the low inclusion in these activities local artists, or access to them is restricted or reified), movies on Tuesdays and activities in the children’s playroom (there is also reading animation), where parents can leave their children while they are consulting books, or simply to take them and share a moment of relaxation with them while reading a book or while playing.

It is important to clarify that there are mechanisms that allow access to the library of people with disabilities (in wheelchairs), including bathrooms specially designed for these people.

Parking lot in library

The library has this service, and there is no additional cost. The parking spaces are adjacent to the library, inside the Tunal public park.

There is also, in addition to the service of parking for vehicles, parking module for bicycles, aspect with which they manage to access not only the inhabitants and users of the periphery, but those who live in different neighborhoods, even in other locations.

Lockers service in library

“As a security measure and with the purpose of making the stay of the users in the different areas more comfortable, the library supplies lockers to store their belongings.”

These are located at the main entrance, left side. There belong the belongings, suitcases, etc., and a file is assigned by the person in the locker, which must be returned at the exit and with which the belongings are returned.

Services of a library: catalog, general activities, parking, lockers
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June 26, 2019

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