Short summary of The Plain on Fire Tales from 8 to 17

Ninth: ‘Tell them not to kill me’

In order to take revenge on Don Lupe Torreros, his compadre, who refused to provide him with pasture for his cattle, Juvencio Nava murdered him. But when he’s judicialized, he gets away with buying the judge and manages to get out of jail, but lasts 35 years as a fugitive from justice.

Only when he is 60 years old, do they manage to capture it, established in distant lands. Revenge is taken for Lupe Torreros’ death, and he is carried out by nothing less than the Son of the West, Colonel Torreros.

Tenth: ‘Luvina’

The story is told by a man who was traveling to Luvina. He recounts tragic events that occurred there, but they hoped to find a better future there, as the worst had already happened. However, that town was ghostly and dark, full of shadows and pain.

There reside only decrepit elders who plunge into misery, attached to the territory remembering their dead and also because they had no choice.

Eleventh: ‘The night he was left alone’

It is the story of other revolutionaries: Feliciano Ruelas, his uncles and Libardo. The scene is drawn on the trails of the Sierra, where they traveled at night to work. Feliciano prefers not to walk with the group, but to rest that night to continue the next day.

But great was his surprise the next day, when he continued the march, as he found the corpses of his uncles hanging from the trees. He uttered a cry of terrible fright and his reaction was to run away, among the pajonales.

Twelfth: ‘Remember’

It recounts the life of Don Urbano Gómez, the son of “the eggplant”, as his mother was called, because he went from trouble to trouble but came out of each one, in the company of a young boy. The woman’s sister had married Nachito Rivera, a guy who eventually became “menso” and now spends his time playing a detuned mandolin, without some coherent rhythm.

Urbano was expelled from school because he was found playing dad and mom with his cousin “La Arremangada”. Then his uncle beats him up and this causes Urbano to get angry about the town.

Over the years he became a cop and returns to his hometown, but he didn’t want to have a conversation with absolutely anyone. Nachito, in his insane state, went to give Urbano a serenade of a detuned mandolin, but Urbano kills him for 4s. Therefore, he had to flee, but he was unlucky because the outraged people found him and hung him.

Thirteenth: ‘You can’t hear dogs barking’

Ignacio is seriously injured. The only way to transport him to try to save his life was for his father to carry him on the back. He had become a road robber and so his father did not have a harmonious relationship with him.

However, because of the great love he had for his mother and seeing him dying, the father decided to lift him up and lead him to the top of the mountain with the longing to find a galen.

But the road seemed endless and there was still no trace of the village. So Ignacio’s father realizes that Ignacio doesn´t lose consciousness and listens to the barking of dogs, but the attempt failed and his son died clutching by his neck trying to hear the dogs.

Fourteenth: ‘The day of collapse’

Unlike the other tales with tragic and bloody tint, this one is more comicinal in nature. It had been a long time ago, an earthquake in a village. Then, in commemoration of the victims and the event, the governor was invited to the ephemeris.

The politician took the opportunity to attract supporters, as his party was in terrible condition. But his discursive words showed that the government he represented was rotten one hundred percent and didn´t care about the fate of the people. The end of the story was unfortunate, as they got over-drunk and started a mass shooting.

Fifteenth: ‘The Inheritance of Matilde Archangel’

Matilde was the wife of Euremio Cedillo. On the day they performed the baptism of their little one, the horse that mobilized her went wild and killed her. A great grudge remained in Euremia’s heart towards his son, because he blames him for having cried and thus frightened the beast, who ended his beloved’s life.

He hated it so much that he wanted to disinherit him completely and in that way, he was in charge of wasting his property and property in drunkenness and selling everything, so that nothing would be left for his firstborn. The son was also called Euremio and grew thanks to the collaboration and generosity of good people.

Junior Euremia played the flute and liked to do so when his father was drunk. On one occasion, the young man joined a group of passing revolutionaries and that further increased the anger of his father, who chose to ally himself in the army and pursue his son. Then he finds his father dead and carries him on his horse.

Sixteenth: ‘Anacleto Morones’

The story unfolds with the characters: Lucas Lucatero, Anacleto Morones and the old Francisca. There are cases of incest and adultery. Lucatero himself gets his own daughter pregnant.

Seventeenth: ‘Northern Passage’

It is the final account of Rulfo’s work. The story is of a family falling into disgrace, living on the border. The father of the household loses his wife and daughter, staying alone with his son, with whom he did not have a good relationship. The son tries to cross the border in search of a better life, but failed and miraculously survived.

Short summary of The Plain on Fire Tales from 8 to 17
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July 28, 2019

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