Steps to prepare a forum

The forum is one of the main forms of communication. This is the group exhibition of a topic that is carried out among several forists (usually four), of which one serves as a forum maintainer. It is about exposing a topic that covers other topics, or better, subtopics.

Pasos para preparar un foro

Steps to prepare a forum

The forum is divided into three main parts:

  • Presentation of the theme
  • Presentation of the theme by the speakers, or foristas
  • Questions from the audience

The forum is composed of these people:

  • Forists (usually 3, although they can be more
  • Forum maintainer or moderator

Thus, the first step is to define the topic that will be addressed (can be controversial, current, etc).

After this you must get the people who will participate in the forum (people who dominate the theme), and appoint the maintainer.

Define the times that each phase or stage of the forum will have. In general, the presentation of the topic should be approximately 10 or 15% of the time of the total duration of the forum; the development or exhibition will occupy 60 to 70%, and the audience questions about 20 to 30%.

Each speaker can discuss a part of the topic and handle a subtopic. An order of exposure must be agreed upon. Each member must document as much as possible about the topic he or she will address.

Although a main theme is divided into subtopics, it must make coherence and cohesion, a structure that can go from the general to the specific, as well as a historical review of the subject, if necessary.

Functions of the forum moderator

The coordinator, or maintainer of the forum, explains the objectives of the forum and presents the topic.

It reveals the dynamics of the forum, introduces the foristas and starts it.

Give the floor, give way to the questions, animate the forum, make brief summaries before continuing with the next segment.

Steps to prepare a forum
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June 20, 2019

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