Summary by chapters of Dona Barbara from 5 to 15

Summary by chapters of Dona Barbara from 5 to 15

Chapter 6

the scene unfolds on holy Thursday, where the people of that time and region are accustomed to hunting alligators, neating hives and fishing Galapagos, but never going to eat meat on that sacred day. In the pipe the men gathered to hunt the alligators and Santos went there as well.

Maria nieves and Pajarote were two of the best alligator hunters. Precisely when Luzardo arrived he found them under the water, ready to catch an old one called the Bramador. Legend has it that this is an enchanted alligator because he doesn’t get the bullets. So that Santos shot him like many others, but nothing ever happened to him. However, these two men, Maria Nieves and Pajarote, managed to exterminate him.

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Chapter 7

New characters such as Pajarote and María Nieves related to Santos Luzardo and Antonio Sandoval appear. Santos Luzardo was the attraction of all women, mostly in the region, and especially those around it.

Chapter 8

Melesio Sandoval has some granddaughters who in one scene were extracting honey from honeycombs, minus one called Genoveva who decided to go and have a dialogue with Marisela. A rather shocking and surprise question asked Marisela to Genoveva “Are you in love with Santos Luzardo?” “Honey has not been made for the donkey, ” answered Genoveva. The questioning was reversed by Genoveva to Marisela, so the latter answered the same thing, felt very bad and began to cry. “my throat burns because of honey, ” added Marisela.

Chapter 9

The scenes around Marisela and Melesio Sandoval’syoungest granddaughter Genoveva continue to unfold.

Chapter 10

A dreadful fire originated in the lands of Altamira. It was caused by Balbino. Luzardo’s pawns realized that it had been an attack from the El Miedo estate and proposed to Santos immediate revenge, but Santos gives up and prefers the way of legality, finding the culprits and having them convicted.

One of the ones who hated Mrs. Barbara the most with all her soul was Lorenzo Barquero. Seeing what happened in Altamira, he proposes to Santos to take revenge. For her part, Ms. Barbara is convinced that these fires were generated by her magical powers, because she gave the impression that a curse was prowling the Altamira hacienda, since fearsome wolves appeared in the evenings, the cattle were lost, and the snakes swarmed everywhere by getting into the houses.

Finally, the burning flames ceased and then the rains helped normalize the situation.

Chapter 11

The same plot continues, with the characters Lorenzo Barquero, Dona Bárbara, Santos Luzardo, Balbino Paiba and the workers.

Chapter 12

The customs of the inhabitants of the savannah are described at the beginning of the chapter. All the idiosyncrasies of the people of the countryside and the description of their tasks and entertainments, in addition to the characteristics of their personality. Then a party is recounted that took place in Altamira, directed by Marisela who was very much in love with Santos and intended to confess to it by dancing, but throughout the night Luzardo did not determine it and had no choice but to dance with Pajarote.

Chapter 13

These scenes include Pajarote, Antonio Sandoval, María Nieves, Genoveva, Marisela, Santos Luzardo and Balbino Paiba.
Because of Marisela’s jealousy of Santos Luzardo, dancing with Pajarote,Santos finally danced with her and there was the loving statement. Then Marisela told Genoveva everything and told her how frustrated she was waiting for him in the palenque and how he was unfriendly in the face of his love gestures.

Chapter 14

Santos Luzardo is rather bewildered to learn of Marisela’s feelings of love for him. She doesn’t even know how she feels about her. What you’re sure is that your female company is necessary for you. But he decides to slow down the situation before it continues to evolve and lead to sentimental trouble.

It crosses his mind to give Mister Danger to Marisela and also to his aunts. But what he thinks most is to keep protecting her himself. She finally ends up sending Marisela to Caracas Venezuela, interned at a girls’ school. Obviously, Marisela strongly opposed it. Santos continues his sentimental confusion towards her.

Chapter 15

Santos concentrates fully on the tasks of the Altamira estate, in order to forget about his love affairs. Winter began and as was customary, the estate was greatly damaged by the inclement weather and flooded, as well as the animals suffered calamities of consideration and many died. For example, they were eaten by piranhas and crocodiles.

In this chapter you will find a detailed description of the natural richness of the plains, where you can see beautiful herons, wild ducks, chorocoras, alligators of all sizes and ages or blue cocks, among other varieties of fauna and flora.

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