Summary by chapters of One Hundred Years of Solitude chapters 10 to 13

Summary by chapters of One Hundred Years of Solitude chapters 10 to 13

Chapter Ten

It begins with the birth of the twins, sons of Arcadian and Hagia Sophia of Piety. One of them was called Aureliano II, whose wife was Fernanda del Carpio, the parents of a new José Arcadio. The other of the twins was José Arcadio II, who had ideas and tastes very different from his brother, because he was engaged in cockfights, while Aureliano II opted for erudition, reading books, studying and also music.

All they had in common was a bride, named Petra Cortés, with whom Aureliano II had a son, who later and later became a priest and all the time he was educated by Ursula. Regardless of whether Aureliano II was married to Fernanda, he lived next door to Petra.

Also, there is another female character called Remedios la bella, engendered by Arcadian and Hagia Sophia of Piety. Remedios the beautiful was the queen of the carnival of Macondo, which had the folkloric participation of another town and whose queen was Fernanda del Carpio. But the share of that visiting town, he attacked Macondo at midnight. Both queens were rescued by brothers José Arcadio II and Aurelian II.

Chapter Eleven

A terrible rivalry engulfed between Fernanda del Carpio and Petra; both were very much in love with Aureliano II and had many problems because of the infidelity of the latter, who, being married to Fernanda, lived with Petra. But in the end Fernanda accepts the sentimental trio and goes to live with them.

When a year had all spent living in the same house, Aureliano II with Fernanda had conceived a son, also named José Arcadio and a girl who everyone calls Meme, but his real name was Renata.

The old Aureliano Buendía in the days of the carnival, was visited by his 17 children. An unusual fact was presented on holy Wednesday, when the priest of the village places the ash cross on their forehead and never is erased again. One of them was Aureliano the sad, the only one of all who stayed in Macondo and lived in a house that was apparently abandoned, but in reality lived the Rebekah of the first generation, whom everyone believed deceased.

Later, the other 16 brothers returned to the village and helped Aureliano the sad man compose the house that was in terrible condition. On this occasion, he stayed another brother, named Aureliano Centeno who created with Aurelian II an ice factory.

The railway is built in Macondo, thanks to the management of Aureliano el Triste and the money that his father, the old Aureliano Buendía, facilitated.

Chapter Twelve

The history of Macondo began to take a turn of 180 degrees, thanks to the construction of the Railway, since when it was strengthened and commercial routes were generated, different people from different cultures and origins arrived, along with many useful inventions.

Remedies beauty is described as a heavenly creature, whose beauty made many die. One day, while you were spreading some sheets in the company of Fernanda del Carpio and it was the last time he was seen, because he disappeared flying with the sheets magically.

The story then switches to the scene where a policeman murders a child, only by the fact that he splashed it with a soda. The event was witnessed by Aureliano and from that moment he decided that one next day, he would fill his sons with weapons to wage war against the Gringos.

In that week there is one of the greatest massacres, in which all the sons of Aurelian are killed, except for Aureliano Amador, who was able to escape. In view of the circumstances, the anger blinded Aureliano, leading him to lead a war initiative, so he went to ask his old friend Gerineldo Marquez for support, but he told him he was too old.

Chapter Thirteen

He begins the stage of the religious generation of the Good days, with Meme leaving as a nun and José Arcadio, who enters the major seminary. For his part, Ursula gradually goes blind and struggles because his family does not lose. In these conditions, Ursula can no longer be in charge of the house and is replaced by Fernanda, who in turn expels José Arcadio II from the home for working for the banana company.

On the other hand, Aureliano II becomes a very obese fat man and will live together with Petra Cotes. A total fan of food, to the point where he held several gastronomic contests and in one of them almost dies, having eaten exaggeratedly.

The fact that he was on the brink of death led Aureliano II to set out to recapture Fernanda. For those days their daughter Meme visited them, but she arrived accompanied by 68 companions and four little girls, but the house was badly ruined by her stay. Similarly, Joseph Arcadio II reappeared in those days, now engaged in the manufacture of gold fish.

Summary by chapters of One Hundred Years of Solitude chapters 10 to 13
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July 7, 2019

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