Summary by chapters of One Hundred Years of Solitude chapters 18 to 20

Summary by chapters of One Hundred Years of Solitude, chapters 18-20

Chapter Eighteen

It was four months before José Arcadio arrived, but Fernanda passed away. Hagia Sophia of Piety, when Ursula and Fernanda died, practically carried on his shoulders the whole office of that great house. Bored of chores, she decided to abandon them and go away.

When José Arcadian arrived and found this situation, he ordered the children of Macondo to go and play at home. One of those nights, a strange fact occurred: the children perceived a strange light coming out from under where the St. Joseph was in which the old Ursula had hidden the treasure. Soon Joseph Arcadian expelled the children. Aureliano has almost the entire house, now at your disposal. There he stood analyzing scrolls.

Then, he appears in the house of the Good days, Aureliano Amador, the only one of the 17 who still lived. But his relatives didn’t recognize him and prevented him from entering. Through the argument, two cops shot him in the street and murdered him. Joseph Arcadian was also killed, but the children he had previously expelled from the house.

The infants returned to search the provenance of the rays of light under the slabs, drowned Joseph Arcadian, and found several sacks of gold that were carried away without problem. Meanwhile, Aurelian remained fully absorbed by the study of scrolls, so he did not even notice what was happening.

Chapter Nineteen

Now, on the stage of the house, amaranta Ursula reappears, but married to a subject named Gaston, with whom she had agreed not to conceive children, until after five years of marriage. With great enthusiasm, the heiress of the Buendía remodels the paternal house.

There is also a character named Nigromanta, who was a black friend of José Arcadio and later a lover. Aureliano’s studies did not cease and he even got four like-minded friends: Germán, Alfonso, Alvaro and Gabriel; the latter was his best friend, for he was nothing less than the grandson of Gerineldo Márquez and also shared the policies of Colonel Aureliano Buendía.

Incest is again introduced, when Aureliano falls in love with Amaranta Ursula, but was rejected. Scorned turns to a brothel, where he meets Pilar Ternera and she comforts him by telling him that Amaranta was waiting for him somewhere. And so it was, after she got drunk, she sought out Amaranta Ursula and they had sex, almost at the head of her husband Gaston, who was in a continuous room, but did not notice anything.

Chapter Twenty

Gaston had to travel to Brussels, to check the proper functioning of his business which was an airmail. His absence was exploited by Aureliano who wooed Amaranta Ursula all the time, also refusing to the invitation of his studious friends from the bookstore, to leave Macondo.

Amaranta had also fallen in love with Aureliano and did not support him, so he had to send a letter to Gaston, explaining everything. But Gaston reacted positively and all he answered was that he wanted their joy.

But because there was a belief that the children of the cousins who were married, they went out with pork tails, frightened Aureliano set out to scrutinize the archives of the church if amaranta was actually his cousin. All this because they were expecting a child. Indeed, he was born with a pork tail and was christened Aurelian.

They stopped worrying because they thought about ripping off the child’s macabre tail, then eventually. But the birth left Amaranta bad and she bled to death. Poor Aureliano was undone, wandered like a soul in sorrow throughout Macondo.

At dawn the next day, he arrived at his home but encountered a terrifying spectacle: his son was in the basket, where he had placed it, but it was full of ants, which had been eaten. Witnessing such a cruel episode, his intellect was illuminated and he understood the prophecies of the scrolls that he studied so much obsessively.

He discovered the last Aureliano Buendía, who remained alive, that Amaranta Ursula, with whom he had a loving relationship and with whom he fathered a son, was not his cousin, as he ardently suspected. But he was nothing more and nothing less than his aunt.

Those mysterious scrolls turned out to be the reverse story of his entire family. They were the last moments of his life and those of Macondo’s existence and all that existed around, because he knew intuitively, that at the end of reading those magical and strange scrolls, death would ravage him along with the people where this story unfolded or rather, where an entire large family had appeared, left traces and in the end, disappeared entirely from the face of the earth.

Thus it happened, when it came to the last word of the manuscripts, everything fell apart into nothingness and like a fantasy tale, the blows of the wind erased history.

Summary by chapters of One Hundred Years of Solitude chapters 18 to 20
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July 7, 2019

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