Summary of the Odyssey by songs from 12 to 18

The hero protagonist arrived in Eea and there he fulfilled or promised the soul of his young friend Elpéndor. Circe becomes an ally and guides her to trouble. For example, as they passed through the island of mermaids, their ears covered them with wax so that they could not perceive the malevolent chants. At last they arrive at the island of the Sun and there is a strong inconvenience, when the men of Odysseus dare ospers to disobey Circe’s instructions and therefore eat the forbidden cows, taking advantage of the sleeping cow.

For this reason, Zeus rebuked them, generating a severe storm that sank his boat and all the men die, except for Odysseus. In such a way that he continues his journey alone, arriving on the island of Ogigia and there, Calypso imprisons him for seven long and lasting years.

Thirteenth Song

As Odysseus had concluded with his account, the next day he departs for Ithaca with the new crew arranged by Alcínous, who gives him countless gifts. On the trip, he fell dead from sleep. The crew members left him on the beach asleep with all his belongings and upon waking up, he did not recognize Ithaca.

Athena, who wears a young shepherd costume, appeared to him, informs Odysseus about his location and contextualizes it. To this end, it helps him hide his belongings and turns him into a beggar and in that way, no one could recognize him and effectively expel his wife Penelope’s suitors.

Song Fourteenth

The camouflaged hero heads towards the slobs, where he encounters Eumeus. After Eumeo commented on the current situation to Odysseus, who didn´t reveal his true identity and who also prophesied his arrival very soon. It’s up to him to make a great sacrifice to sleep in the filthy.Sing Fifteenth

But in those moments, Telémaco was far away looking for his father. Athena then contacts him in his sleep and orders him to return immediately, preventing him from the bad intentions of the suitors, of murdering him. He was with Pisístrato in Lacedemonia, visiting Menelaus and the beautiful Helena, who also filled him with gifts.

In this order of events, Telémaco together with Pisístrato, who accompanies him to Pilos, stop for a moment without drawing the attention of King Nestor, so that he could not interfere or hinder in any way the urgent journey back to Itaca, of Telémaco who who who departed alone finally, before leaving, using the visions of the soothsayer Theomy. Meanwhile, Odysseus and Eumeo spend time telling stories and Telémaco arrived shrewdly at his land, with the relevant predispositions not to be killed as the suitors planned. So, advised by the goddess Athena, he approaches the slobs.

Ctoto Sixteenth

When they reach the sories, eumeo and Telemachus meet. But by distancing himself a little eumeo, Odysseus adopts his normal figure and confesses to Telemachus his plans. Thus, only Odysseus and his son were the only ones who knew everything and plan an efficient strategy to return their palace to normal. At the time, those suitors are too frustrated because they couldn’t kill Telémaco.
But if that’s not enough, Penelope listens to them forging the murder of his son and questions them. Eumeo realizes that a candle lined with subjects has arrived and goes to the sorcery to report.

Song Seventeenth

After asking Eumeo to announce his arrival, Telemachus reunited with his mother and told him everything he had discussed with Menelaus. On the other hand, the seer Theolymenus claims that Odysseus is alive. Odysseus upon arrival, he was only recognized by his dog who was so faithful, that he fought hard to wait for him and see him for the last time, because at that moment he died when his tail swayed.

There was a whole feast and feast organized by the suitors. Odysseus took advantage of his beggar costume to move between them and disguised himself by begging for alms. Some reject him but Penelope intercedes over the alleged beggar, uneasy to ask her about her missing husband.

Song Eighteenth

The beggar characteristic of the village, has a feeling that Odysseus was already at his house and challenges him to fight, for Odysseus was still in his miserable disguise. Then, Odysseus preferred to win him the fight as quickly as possible so as not to attract attention.
Penelope outraged at the treatment of the guest subject, who was Odysseus in disguise, asks her son Telemachus to prevent those suitors from being treated that way to the beggar. At the time, Melanto, who was a slave who had relations with one of the suitors, offends Odysseus who is enraged. The thing was getting hot, as Eurimachus joined in offending the “guest”, but Telémaco stops him.

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Summary of the Odyssey by songs from 12 to 18
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July 14, 2019

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