Summary of the Odyssey by songs from 19 to 24

As one of the strategies to follow, taken by Odysseus and Telemachus, was to hide all the weapons that were in the room. With that perfect magical beggar costume, Odysseus conversed with Penelope and distracted her with fake stories. She just wanted to hear from her husband and required something to prove that she had actually met Odysseus.

He answered by describing to him the characteristics of the mantle he was wearing and who was the herald accompanying him. Suddenly, Odysseus is discovered by Euriclea, who was sent by Penelope to wash the alleged beggar’s feet and saw him a particular scar, which had been made in childhood by the hero. Odysseus asks you to keep the secret.

As Penelope had earned the trust, Odysseus listened to her dreams and together they tried to interpret them. Penelope decides to organize a contest where the suitors would duel and the winner would marry her.

Viassive Singing

Odysseus could not fall asleep. He fervently asked the goddess Athena for her assistance and power to kill all the suitors. Penelope was very distressed and depressed, she wanted to die. He implored the goddess Artemis to grant him to die. She was already missing out hopes that her husband would show up and preferred to lose his life than marry any of those suitors.
A dispute begins where several of the suitors offend the alleged beggar, who had come very close to Penelope. The goat joined the provocations. The seer Theoclyno warned them all of a dreadful tragedy and that all the suitors were to be killed, but they believed us and on the contrary, they mocked the old man.

Song Twenty-first

In this scene Penelope presents imposing a new challenge on his suitors, with a physical test of great demand and skill, which consisted of making, tensioning and firing an arrow that passed through 12 axes. The winner would be her new husband.
Telémaco’s blood was burning. I was desperate to go and take part in the test. But a sign from his father stopped him. The suitors were so inept that none could assemble the bow of the arrow. Odysseus revealed his true identity to Filetio and Eumeo, in order for them to close all the doors to his signal.

Great humiliation experienced by the suitors observing that the beggar from whom they so mocked and discredited, was trying to assemble the bow that they could not. They were afraid of people’s comments if they found out they were defeated by an old beggar.
In a surprising instant, as Odysseus tightened the arch, he gave the signal to close the doors. Euriclea was in charge of locking women up to protect them. Odysseus then fired the arrow and managed to pass the test with precision and perfection, being able to get the arrow through the 12 axes. The suitors trembled with dread. Odysseus calls Telémaco with another of his signs and in a second they were left together.

Song Twenty-second

An even more surprising moment comes when the Odysseus costume dissolves and quickly throws an arrow through Anthynous. Upon discovering his identity before them, Eurimachus tried to negotiate with him, proposing that each of the suitors would give him 20 oxen, gold, and bronze to give back to him all that was spent in his absence. All this in exchange for me leaving them alive.

But Odysseus murdered him resolutely. The weapons were struck by Telémaco and the battle encroaked.

The remaining twelve suitors were provided with weaponry thanks to Melantio who arrived at the place where the weapons were located. But when he resents the charge of more ammunition merchandise, Filetio and Eurealius capture him and then give him severe punishment.

In a heartbeat 10 of the 12 suitors were killed. Only two were just longer alive. He is Femio, the Aedo and the herald, called Medonte. The next thing Odysseus did was send for Eureclea to inform him of which women had betrayed by messing with the suitors. Then he put them to clean the blood and take the bodies.

Melantio’s end was horribly tragic: he was gradually mutilated until he died. 12 of the women were lucky enough to be hanged. At the end of the massacre, a ritual of energy cleaning of the house was performed, with sulfur.

Song Twenty-third

Penelope is informed that the beggar was her husband Odysseus, who had already killed every last of the suitors. But she doesn’t believe it at first, but by the signs that only Odysseus knew, she confirmed the whole truth. To disguise the slaughter, Odysseus ordered to play music and pretend like they had a party.

That night they spent it listening to the accounts of Odysseus, who announced that the pro-step would be to fulfill Tiresias’ prophecy. The next day he embarked on a journey in the company of Telémacoo and several shepherds, in search of his father Laertes.

Song Twenty Quarter

In hell all the souls of the suitors come up, who are guided by Hades. There they also meet Achilles and Agamemnon, who tell them what happened. ‘For his part, Odysseus finds his father Laertes in appalling emotional and economic conditions.
Eventually everyone learns of the murder of the suitors and Antínoo’s father claims revenge. Then a new battle breaks out and Laertes murders Eupites. It all culminates with the intervention of Zeus and Athena, the gods who helped bring him to peace.

Summary of the Odyssey by songs from 19 to 24
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July 14, 2019

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