Summary of We’re just very poor

We’re just very poor is a story of the Mexican writer Juan Rulfo, included in the book “The plain in flames” and the most important characters are: the child, the sister Tacha, the father and the mother.

A fatality story

This story tells the story of the terrible luck that I had a family, first by the death of an aunt, then by the downpour that made the barley was lost.

The work completely, focuses on details of the aspects that surround the poor and their marital status. The narrative begins literally with the following sentence: “Here everything goes from bad to worse”. (p.23), which gives a sense from the beginning, that it is all about a fatal story, which later unfolds in the future of a girl named Tacha.

Who tells this story is a child, who has several sisters but who all, except the youngest, have become prostitutes, but only for the circumstances, in a way required to have nothing. However, the boy’s father bought a cow for the daughter on her birthday so that she would have a livelihood and not be like her older sisters, but one day the river that grew and grew until the water had become all the village And also, to the cow of his sister. This, of course, saddened her a lot.


Summary of We’re just very poor
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June 14, 2019

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