Summary The Hill of the Mothers-in-law

The Hill of the Mothers-in-law is a story of the Mexican writer Juan Rulfo, including in the book the plain in flames and whose personages are: Remigio Torrico, Odilón Torrico, the Alcaraces, and the narrator of the story (who becomes the main character).

A crucial revenge

The story tells the story of a man, who does not mention his name, and who was a good friend of the Torrico brothers, these brothers were very hated because they had seized all the territory called The Hill of the Mothers-in-law.

As people hated the Torrico, they left little by little and our main character was waiting for all the people to return.

Once when Remigio arrived in town, he accused him for killing his brother Odilón, but he had not. However, the accused was very angry and nailed a needle to raise false testimonies.

Thus the story culminates

“I remember that happened back in October, at the height of the Zapotlán festivities. And I say that I remember that it was in those days, because in Zapotlan they were burning rockets, while in the direction where I threw Remigio there was a large flock of vultures at every crack of rockets. That’s what I remember. “


Summary The Hill of the Mothers-in-law
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June 14, 2019

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